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Heroes Interactive:Out of Time

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episode Out of Time.


  • Welcome to the "Heroes" Interactive Experience!
  • Don't forget to check out the Character Map to see how all of our Heroes connect.
  • To ignite the paintings, the "Heroes" special effects department coated them in a special fire gel and then wired them to an electronic igniter to set them ablaze as HRG lit the match.
  • The New York scene with Caitlin and Peter was actually filmed in downtown Los Angeles.
  • What character does not have the pneumatic needle mark on his or her neck?
  • Given the circumstances, would you be excited or angry if West came over to cook you breakfast?
    • Excited (22%)
    • Angry (78%)
  • Do you think Matt will learn to use his powers fast enough to stop his father?
    • Yes
    • No
  • This scene was actually shot in the parking structure behind the "Heroes" sound stages.
  • The word "quarantine" comes from Italian and means forty-day period.
  • The biohazard symbol was created in 1966.
  • How old was Matt when Maury left him and his family?
    • 14
    • 13
    • 15
    • 12
  • To simulate Matt's mind-reading effect, a special lens is put on the camera.
  • What does the "L" in D.L. stand for?
    • Leonard
    • Lawrence
    • Lionel
    • Lester
  • The last time it snowed in Miami was on January 19, 1977.
  • The production design of the quarantine consists mainly of cool, colorless tones like gray and blue to add to the lifelessness after the outbreak.
  • Is Peter still good?
    • Yes (98%)
    • No (2%)
  • The mark on West's neck is a scar left from a two-pronged pneumatic needle, which allows the Company to...
    • Harm him
    • Record him
    • Survey him
    • Track him
  • Before playing Hiro, Masi Oka did visual effects for major motion pictures.
  • Eriko Tamura, the actress who plays Yaeko, was a very successful singer in Japan. She has released ten studio albums and fifteen singles.
  • Before landing a career in acting, David Anders, the actor who plays Kensei, was a tennis instructor.
  • Do you think Caitlin is still stuck in the future or is she still in the present?
    • Future (85%)
    • Present (15%)
  • The explosions and fires for feudal Japan were all "practical" fires coordinated through the Heroes special effects department. A practical effect is one that is done on-set without the aid of computers or other trickery.
  • Masi Oka is fluent in Japanese, English, and Spanish.
  • The cherry blossom trees were artificial trees brought in by the "Heroes" production design department.
  • Who is Hiro's other love?
    • Charlie
    • Carly
    • Carrie
    • Chelsea
  • If you were Hiro, would you take Yaeko with you?
    • Yes (40%)
    • No (60%)
  • Did Mohinder make the right choice by taking the gun?
    • Yes (45%)
    • No (55%)
  • Thanks for participating in tonight's "Heroes" Interactive Experience! For cast commentary, original graphic novels, secrets, sneaks, and more, go to after tonight's broadcast.


  • As with those for the previous episodes of Season Two, The Heroes Interactive for Out of Time was accompanied by a character map, which was essentially a portal of photos and season one histories for each of the characters.
  • The name of the portrayer of Maury Parkman was incorrectly cited, and should be "Alan Blumenfeld".

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