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Kill Squad

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Kill Squad
Sean's kill squad.jpg
Members of the Kill Squad head out on a Company mission.
First appearance The Kill Squad, Part 3
Known leader: Sean Fallon (deceased)
Known members: Tom Drake (deceased),
Lloyd Collins (deceased),
Joseph Gallagher (deceased)
Affiliated sites: Primatech Research, Alaska
Equipment used: Guns

The Kill Squad was a secret military squad unit formed and created by The Company.


The Kill Squad was originally a secret military squad unit formed and created by The Company at the order of Senior Agent Gael Cruz, to perform missions normally reserved for Company agent teams, and then report directly to him. In time, the Squad gradually became more and more hostile to its evolved human targets, and, at the urging of its commander, it decided to go renegade and form it's own organization dedicated to wiping out evolved humans world-wide. Their efforts were futile, in the end, as its rag-tag "army" was destroyed at their headquarters in Alaska by the combined forces of Primatech and Pinehearst, and its original members killed by one of the evolved humans they wronged in the past; and sought revenge.


Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

Sean Fallon and his team accompany Donna Dunlap and Thompson, Jr. on a mission to bag and tag a plant manipulator named Lewis. While Donna and Thompson Jr. investigate more closely, Fallon and the team discuss their pasts in the Company. Rosetti, tired of Noah Bennet's cloak-and-dagger tactics, feels relieved to use real military force. Tom Drake, a Company veteran, says that he ran missions under Ivan Spektor. Fallon was originally a United States Navy SEAL before he was "outsourced to the private sector" and worked security at Linderman's casino. He considers the moral ambiguity of his past actions in the Company which included helping Bennet break into Chandra Suresh's Madras apartment and disposing of Eden McCain's body. Fallon also had a relationship with Candice, who used her illusion powers to grant him relief from the guilt he felt at his actions. However, their relationship ended when Candice was killed by Sylar. A team member says that he was stationed under Yamagato before his current detail, spending his time stateside to watch over Kaito Nakamura's son. The team's reminiscing is cut short by an explosion near a train depot. Running to help Donna and Thompson, the team finds the two agents on the ground while Lewis, roots protruding from his body, stands over them.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 2

Sean Fallon orders his men to open fire on Lewis, and they pelt him with bullets that appear to sting but not wound him. Lewis sends his thick roots into the ground. The roots surface underneath the support team, knocking them off their feet as Lewis shouts to leave him alone. As they continue to fight, Sean's men are getting killed one by one. Sean notes to himself that his team isn't prepared for this fight, and that Lewis is a class three. Rosetti exclaims that they need a "Nullifier", specifically mentioning The Haitian by name, before he is run through by a root. Another root snaps Ballou's neck, killing him.

Sean spots oil drums behind Lewis and decides he will try to use them to take Lewis out. While firing two weapons, he charges Lewis and successfully ignites one or more of the drums, creating an explosion that knocks Lewis off his feet. Drake then tells Sean that Thompson, Jr and Donna look alright, but that the rest of their team is dead. Lewis then begs not to be taken back to the Company's lab, and Sean obliges him by firing at him point blank with almost all the ammunition he has left to kill him. Sean notes to himself that he is saving one bullet in his clip for Gabriel Gray.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 3

Sean Fallon reports to Gael Cruz and learns he will be in charge of a new secret squad, code-named the Kill Squad. Gael allows him to choose his men, but says that they must be ready in one week for their first mission and all must know how to keep quiet. Sean decides to recruit Lloyd Collins, former sheriff's deputy, from a Level 1 cell. He then travels to North Hollywood, CA, to get Joseph Gallagher (the brother of Karen Sprague), then to a bar in Cody, WY, where he finds Tom Drake.

The mission team takes a freighter ride through the Gulf of Mexico, which anchors off the coast of Guyana. They then fly by helicopter to a site where a local inhabitant's manifestation had left only a large crater in its wake. The orders were to cover the site with vegetation before it was discovered by someone with a satellite. To help matters along, Paulette Hawkins had been brought along to assist Brendan Lewis by making his ability stronger.

Sean convinces Paulette to fully use her ability on Lewis by falsely promising she would see her grandson when the mission is completed. Paulette then uses her ability, causing Lewis to completely convert himself into a forest of dense vegetation that covers the crater. When Gael contacts the squad by radio, Sean orders his men to report that the mission was a success, but they lost Paulette. He then has Joe shoot her dead, and tells his men to call back the chopper but not to tell anyone else what had transpired.

Graphic Novel:Foresight

A fight breaks out between humans (i.e. Gael, Penny, and Thompson, Jr.) and evolved humans (i.e. Felicia, Bianca, and Connie) as Donna looks on, tied to a chair. Thompson effectively ends it by opening a gas canister, rendering everyone but Bianca unconscious. Bianca takes Donna to stay at a motel. She then locks Gael up in a cell, promising to let him out once he calms down. Gael calls Sean Fallon on his cell phone, ordering him and his men to return to Primatech Research.

Thompson goes to the motel to check on Donna and convince her not to leave. Donna says that the only way she can stay with the Company is to clear her name and turn in Evs Dropper. After a thud in the bathroom, Donna receives a text message from Evs, telling her where to be found. Thompson and Donna drive to a cabin in the middle of the woods, and using her telescopic vision, Donna looks inside the house and sees three people. She tells Thompson to call Gael and tell him to bring "an army", claiming to know who Evs Dropper is.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 3

The Kill Squad surrounds Connie and Penny in the woods, and just as Penny is about to kill Thompson, Jr., they kill Penny, a gun battle with the Army of Julien clones ensues. The team is able to eliminate all the clones present.

Graphic Novel:Red Eye, Part 1

Thomas, Joseph and Sean violently beat up Red Eye while Lloyd restrains Anna. Anna activates her ability against her captors. Ricardo then activates his ability to bring about primal rage, which instigates a fight among the Kill Squad members. While Sean, Tom and Joseph are engaged in a brawl, Lloyd takes the opportunity to shoot Tom in the back. Sean then draws his own weapon and fires several shots into Lloyd's chest. Joseph takes the opportunity to shoot Sean in the head, only to be downed by Ricardo with a nearby rock, marking the end of the squad.

Heroes Evolutions

Operation Bad Blood

In chapter 1 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, the Kill Squad has attempted to eliminate Elle Bishop in London. However, the squad was attacked and lost a member. Lloyd got injured in the incident and has been followed to an underground medical clinic by Pinehearst agents. In the clinic, Lloyd meets and instructs a new hire, the Pinehearst contracted player, after contacting Sean Fallon to notify him that he needs to delay his flight to New York City. After the hire fetches a video file and returns, Lloyd instructs the person to clean up evidence the squad left behind in the building where they plotted to kill Elle, and leaves the clinic by taxi. When the new hire reports back to Lloyd by phone, he tells the person that the next mission will be within two weeks, and that he will be in touch.

In chapter 2 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, the Kill Squad is still unaware that its new hire, the player, is working for Pinehearst. Lloyd meets with the new hire at a crowded diner in New York City and slips a photo of the squad's next target, Maya Herrera, into the player's menu. He explains Maya is dangerous due to her poisonous ability, and needs to be stopped. Lloyd then informs the player he will be in touch shortly by phone, since they have someone to kill. Later, Lloyd calls the player's cell phone, and asks the player to report to Hyperion Industrial Park. He then hangs up and texts the player the address. The player arrives and enters the building through an open side door. Passing through a dark hallway, the player enters another room and gets frisked by Kill Squad agents. The Kill Squad's leader, Sean Fallon, is notified that the new hire has arrived, welcomes the player to the squad, and hands the player an assault rifle.

In chapter 3 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, the Kill Squad leaves Hyperion Industrial Park via van for Maya Herrera's apartment in New York City. Lloyd parks the van outside her apartment building, and Sean waits a couple hours before ordering the next action: placing bombs in her apartment building. Tom Drake volunteers to set the bombs, but Sean stops him and asks the new hire to do so instead.

When the new hire runs into trouble and gets delayed, Sean takes Tom and Lloyd with him up to Maya's apartment and finds that the player has taken down Red Eye and is comforting a young girl. Sean orders the player to take the girl outside and make sure she doesn't know anything. Tom and Lloyd then help Sean to take Red Eye out the front entrance and meet up with the rest of the squad. Once together again, the squad gets fired upon by Primatech agents and takes cover in a nearby storefront. However, they lose Red Eye, who escapes during the gunfight. The squad later escapes out the back exit of the storefront. Meanwhile, the player and Anna leave the apartment building using the back stairwell, but are captured by a Primatech agent and taken to a cell for questioning.

In chapter 4 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Anna reveals what she knows about Red Eye's backup plan to attack the Kill Squad. She says that Red Eye found out there's a place where Red Eye's enemies, the Kill Squad, are training to make an army. The enemies plan to smuggle weapons through Canada into Alaska, where there is a town on an Indian reservation.

In chapter 5 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Priscilla Van Cleef has suspended Pinehearst's search for the Kill Squad. However, when Lloyd provides intel on the squad's Alaskan training facility by phone to the undercover Pinehearst contracted player by phone, the player and Carla Klaus are able to convince Priscilla to authorize a mission there. Arriving in Rowland, Alaska, they use Aaron's aerial drone to photograph the Kill Squad's warehouse from above and notice it is occupied and surrounded by hundreds of agents. The player discovers that the agents are Primatech and not Kill Squad, and a new drone photograph shows that Red Eye and Anna are running toward a nearby dam. A Primatech contractor deduces that the Kill Squad must be in the dam and have plotted to blow it up to take out their pursuers--both Primatech and Pinehearst.

Operation Splinter

In chapter 2 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the Primatech contracted player deducts that Primatech Agent Harris had been secretly recruited by the Kill Squad. While positioned as a guard in an upstate New York detention facility, Harris appears to have taken Red Eye out of his cell to kill him. However, another agent entered and interrupted Harris, allowing Red Eye to first use his ability on them, then torture Harris for information about the Kill Squad's next mission, and escape.

In chapter 3 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the Kill Squad ends up in a gunfight with Primatech agents that spot them leaving the front entrance of Maya Herrera's apartment building in New York City. The squad heads into a storefront to take cover and escape out the back exit. Anna and another Kill Squad member are captured by a Primatech agents and taken to a cell for questioning.

In chapter 4 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the Primatech contracted player and another agent search Ricardo Silva's apartment. They deduce from the evidence that Ricardo helped to compile the Kill Squad's target list. Ricardo did so unknowingly at first, until he got a hold of a pieced-together letter Gael Cruz wrote. Thereafter, it appears to them that the squad held his family hostage; and when his ability manifested, they locked him up in Level 5 and killed his family.

In chapter 5 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, a Primatech convoy travels to just outside Rowland, Alaska, the nearest town to the coordinates Red Eye had discovered were for the Kill Squad's headquarters and had written on a notepad he left in the Upstate New York farm. Jeremy Woo and the Primatech contracted player search some leads and get a tip to go to a warehouse they find is the Kill Squad's headquarters. Later, the Primatech contracted player tracks down a Pinehearst contractor that worked undercover in the Kill Squad and is shown a photograph taken by Aaron's aerial drone. The photo displays Red Eye and Anna heading for a dam. The player deduces that the Kill Squad led both sides to the town and must be planning to destroy the dam to cripple their pursuers--both Primatech and Pinehearst alike.

In chapter 6 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the Kill Squad leaders, Lloyd, Sean, Thomas, and Joseph, put on wetsuits and arm explosive packs on the water intake of the Rowland dam. Red Eye and the Primatech and Pinehearst contractors spot them and a dozen other Kill Squad members on the "Upper Deck" of the dam using the camera displays and window of the control shed. As the leaders get out of their wetsuits and into their truck, the contractors sneak up to the explosives and disable them. Meanwhile, Red Eye distracts the squad members on the "Upper Deck" with his ability such that they begin to attack each other. One possible ending has, after making it to the river bank in their truck, the Kill Squad leaders see what is happening and one of them spots Red Eye standing next to the control shed. The leaders then get out of the truck and crouch around a sniper rifle, taking shots at Red Eye. One of them shoots Red Eye dead through the heart, but not before the rest of the Kill Squad members are dead. The leaders then take off again in their truck.

The Private

In chapter 4 of The Private, Jim tells Rachel Mills that terrorists (meaning the Kill Squad) blew up Rowland dam and killed Jeremy Woo.


  • The above iStory character history depicts the most optimal events from the perspective of the iStory player. As per graphic novels Red Eye, Part 1 and Part 2, Red Eye doesn't die and instead gets captured by the Kill Squad along with Anna. For the cases where that occurs and the other possibilities/outcomes for the final chapter, see Operation Splinter/chapter 106 alternatives.

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