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List of articles related to the Company

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Mr. Bennet and the Company have an interest in evolved humans.

The following articles relate to the Company. The Company is frequently referred to amongst fans as the AWI, the OWI, or HRG's (or Mr. Bennet's) Organization:



  • Susan Amman — a woman who posed in the founders' group photo; cause of death is unknown.
  • Bob Bishop — a man with the Midas touch; killed by Sylar. One of the original 4.
  • Charles Deveaux — a wealthy man whose rooftop hosted many Company men and women; died of natural causes. One of the original 4.
  • Harry Fletcher — a man who posed in the founders' group photo; cause of death is unknown.
  • Paula Gramble — a woman who posed in the founders' group photo; cause of death is unknown.
  • Daniel Linderman — a mobster and casino owner who appeared to be giving Thompson and other Company operatives orders; killed by D.L. Hawkins. One of the original 4.
  • Carlos Mendez — a man who posed in the founders' group photo; cause of death is unknown.
  • Kaito Nakamura — a powerful business man who directed Mr. Bennet to raise Claire; killed by Adam Monroe. Kaito joined the Company in 1963, making him the 5th founder.
  • Maury Parkman — worked with Adam to attack the other founders, then worked with Pinehearst; killed by Arthur Petrelli.
  • Angela Petrelli — wife of Arthur and accomplice in Linderman's plan; current Director of Company operations. Last living member of the Company founders. One of the original 4.
  • Arthur Petrelli — Linderman's criminal defense attorney. Barely survived a murder attempt by his wife and went on to run Pinehearst; killed by his son and Sylar.
  • Victoria Pratt — a former biological engineer for the Company; killed by Adam Monroe.



Evolved Human Agents


  • Noah Bennet -- a former agent of the Company who turned against the organization. Now back with the company.
  • Echo DeMille -- a man killed numerous agents while avoiding capture. Killed by Sylar.
  • Flint -- a ruthless man who escaped Level 5 who can create blue flames. Deceased.
  • The German -- a man who can move metals who was detained by the Company before escaping. Killed by Knox
  • Howard Grigsby -- the man responsible for Noah's sight impairment before being detained by the Company.
  • Brendan Lewis -- a man detained by the Company who killed several agents. Deceased.
  • Adam Monroe -- a visionary who brought the founders together, but turned against the Company, was imprisoned, and then broke free. Killed by Arthur Petrelli
  • Jesse Murphy -- a man captured and detained by the Company before escaping. Killed by Sylar.
  • Peter Petrelli -- a man who was detained by the Company because he was dangerous.
  • Sylar -- a serial killer who was detained by the Company, before becoming an agent.
  • Benjamin "Knox" Washington -- a man powered by fear who escaped from Level 5. Killed by Tracy Strauss.

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