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Laug Wolfe
AT Jeremy Greer.jpg
First appearance Turning Point
In-story stats
Age Less than 30
Home Illinois (within 100 miles of Chicago)
Residence Formerly apartment 42

Laug Wolfe is a young man with the ability to control machines. He assited Pyro in tracking down Chandler Smithson.

Character History


Lord Noh mentions to Chandler that it took Pyro so long to track him because he does not make many phone calls. This was later revealed to be a reference to Laug using his ability to tap Chandler's phone.

Turning Point

Noh goes to Laug for a some type of favor.


When Chandler realizes Noh's implication in Mirror, he tells Lieutenant Caine. Caine has an analyst search for every known technopath within 100 miles of Chicago, and narrows it down to Wolfe based on the assumption that he would be under thirty years old to associate with Pyro and his friends.

Chandler, Caine, and several CPD officers ambush Wolfe's apartment, discovering dozens of computers, each monitor saying "Hahaha!" Wolfe's television shuts down, flashing the word "Goodbye". Wolfe then causes the computers to overheat and explode, killing several officers. This supposedly fulfilled his mysterious favor to Noh, possibly by eliminating the officers investigating him.

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