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Peter Petrelli
Portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia
In-story stats
Known abilities Original ability:
Empathic mimicry

Favourite abilities used to aquire new abilities:
Empathic mimicry,
Ability replication,
Intuitive aptitude,
Power absorption,
Aura absorption

Mimicked or acquired abilities:
Ability replication,
Enhanced strength,
Intuitive aptitude,
Rapid cell regeneration,
Sound manipulation,
Electric manipulation,
Lie detection,
Precognitive dreaming,
Space-time manipulation,
Induced radioactivity,
Super speed,
Body insertion,
Power absorption,
Enhanced memory,
Mental manipulation,
Enhanced hearing,
Poison emission,
Ability supercharging,
Accelerated probability,
Adoptive muscle memory,
Alejandro's ability,
David's ability,
Mohinder's ability,
Dream manipulation,
Digital communication,
Gravitational manipulation,
Impenetrable skin,
Metal mimicry,
Microwave emission,
Puppet master,
Underwater breathing,
Water mimicry,
Matt's ability,
Shape shifting,
Weather control,
Acid secretion,
Age shifting,
Appearance alteration,
Aura absorption,
Bliss and horror,
Bone spike protrusion,
Chlorine gas exudation,
Disintegration touch,
Electrical absorption,
Forcefield projection,
Future terrorist's ability,
Laser emission,
Lung adaptation,
Nerve gas emission,
Neurocognitive deficit,
Oil secretion,
Plant growth,
Plant manipulation,
Sound absorption,
Telescopic vision,
Wall crawling,
Shockwave emission,
Blood acidity,
Sand mimicry,
Alias Jesse Murphy
Nicknames Pete, Petey, Exploding Man
Age 27
Date of birth December 23, 1979
Home New York, NY
Occupations Paramedic,
former home hospice nurse
Significant others formerly Simone Deveaux (deceased),
formerly Caitlin
Parents Angela Petrelli,
Arthur Petrelli (deceased)
Grandparents Maternal grandparents:
Mr. Shaw (deceased),
Mrs. Shaw (deceased)
Sibling Nathan Petrelli
Other relatives Niece:
Claire Bennet
Simon Petrelli,
Monty Petrelli
Maternal Aunt:
Alice Shaw

About Peter

Peter Petrelli is the youngest son of Arthur Petrelli and Angela Petrelli and younger brother to Nathan Petrelli. Peter was previously employed as a common hospice nurse caring for Charles Deveaux while living in New York City. Peter appeared to his family as a witless dreamer, who believed he had a greater place in life than just saving one life at a time. He discovered he was an evolved human who had the ability to Empathic mimicry and use the powers of other evolved humans.

What changed Peter?

Peter's natural passion in life was saving the lives of others and doing good, but all this changed after meaning Ando and absorbing his Supercharging ability. After absorbing Ando's Supercharging ability all Peter's previously absorbed but dormant abilities became active. Having Ando's Supercharging ability also came with a price, which was due to having activated Intuitive Aptitude and the hunger associated with it. Thanks to having, a supercharged hunger Peter's need for more abilities became unstoppable and brought out the worst in him. Peter's life is now full of rage and killing as his hunt for new abilities continues.

Why so many abilities?

How Peter hunts his prey

  • Has the company's files containing information about evolved humans.
  • Uses technopathy to gain access to government databases containing information about evolved humans.
  • Uses an unconfirmed ability to detect evolved humans.
  • Uses clairvoyance and space-time manipulation or teleportation to track down his targetted evolved humans.

How Peter fights

What makes Peter unstoppable

Peter's catalyst

  • Counters uncatalyzed synthetic abilities into their corrected form.
  • Peter currently has two corrected abilities, which are Mohinder's ability and David's ability. (It is unclear as to the true potential of David's corrected ability as Peter hasn't demonstrated it yet.)

Peter's unconfirmed abilities

What Peter does for fun?

Peter enjoys travelling through time to different special occasions and posing as different famous individuals. Peter does this because he loves the feelings of power and being in control.

Method Used

• Peter uses Space-time manipulation to travel to his desired time and destination.

• Peter then uses clairvoyance to locate and find his victim.

• Upon finding his victim, Peter freezes time to avoid interruptions and being seen.

• Peter then uses clairsentience to gain all his victims knowledge. This gained knowledge is later recalled using his enhanced memory.

• Peter then teleports himself and his victim to an asylum.

• Peter then uses body insertion to place his victim inside the body of a resident at the asylum.

• Peter then unfreezes time and decides whether to sedate his victim via sedation or allow his victim to rant about his situation like the mad man they are currently inside.

• Peter then goes about posing as the famous person by a way of two means, shape-shifting or illusion.

• Once at the special occasion Peter sometimes uses omnilingualism when posing as someone of foreign nationality so he can understand and participate in conversation.

• Once the occasion is over Peter first changes back to look like his true self. Peter then travels back to asylum. If he chose to sedate the detainee he awakens them by injecting with a small amount of his blood.

• Peter then releases the famous person from the detainee in which they were imprisoned.

• Peter then wipes the mind of the detainee using memory manipulation.

• Peter then teleports the famous person back to where they were found and erases their memories of what happened.

• Peter then plants false memories into their mind of them actually going to the special occasion using telepathy.

• Peter then uses Space-time manipulation to travel back to his previous time and destination.

For what purpose does Peter use the formula?

Thanks to Peters supercharged hunger, Peter chooses to abduct random people from off the street. Peter restrains and administers a catalysed version of the formula into his unknowing abductees. The reason behind this is purely so Peter acquires new abilities once the formula has taken effect.


Peter believes that he is the pinnacle of evolution due to his endless amounts of abilities. Peter also considers himself as far superior to anyone else in the human race, a supreme being among men.