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Latest Issue
Release Date: 10 February 2010
The volume finale sees the group's plans come to fruition. Harry receives an unexpected honour, much to the dismay of Arthur. The first branch of Primatech is formed.
Next Issue
Primatech (June 2010)

Heroes:The Company is a fanfic telling the tale of The Company and its founders. The first issue was released on 14th October 2009 The purpose of theses stories is to attempt to fill in the blanks in The Company and it's founders' history. So far 3 volumes have been planned, and a 4th is in the works. Please leave your thoughts and comments on the talk page, they will be much appreciated.

Latest News
Date News
09/05/2010 Volume 4 will be published in a brand new PDF format which will include images! The last 2 issues of Volume 3 will be released in both the Wiki format and the PDF format. This will allow readers to see what the new format will be like for Volume 4.
09/05/2010 "Volume 4: The Formation" has just been confirmed.
23/03/2010 A brand new promotional banner has been released for Volume 3.
10/02/2010 The Volume 2 finale, Union has been released for the users of the wiki to read. The issue reveals more about the origins of the company and the roles played by each person.
09/01/2010 Heroes: The Company is looking is looking yet again for more writers. Please see here for more information.
The Team

Jenx222 (Creator, Writer, Editor)
Jenx222 created the series in October 2009 with the intention of exploring the back story of the company and it's founders. He plans the majority of the issues and is the most prolific writer for the series.

Mc hammark (Writer, Editor)
Mc hammark joined the team in early November 2009. He had his writing debut in Volume 2 and will continue to write issues for the series.


Leckie (talk page)

Hiroman (Talk Page)

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