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This is a Volume 3 timeline forked from Timeline:March 2007. This version only assumes that events take place in the order they are shown when they involve the same character.

March 20, 2007

The Second Coming

  • Peter, from an alternate future, time travels to Nathan's press conference and shoots him twice to stop him from revealing the existence of evolved humans.
    • The present-day Peter catches up to his future self in pursuit. To put him out of the way, the future Peter transfers him into the body of Jesse Murphy, a Level 5 prisoner at Primatech Research, and impersonates the present-day Peter through illusion.
  • Claire watches in shock as her father is rushed to the hospital on the news. Before she can leave to visit him, she is stopped by Sylar, who has come for her ability. After a lengthy chase, he is finally successful, but allows her to live.
    • Sylar comes across a dossier on the Level 5 prisoners and takes it for himself.
  • Nathan, miraculously healed, experiences a renewed faith in God - as well as a surprising visit from Mr. Linderman.
  • When Matt begins to realize that Peter is not who he says he is, Peter banishes him to an unknown location.
  • Governor Robert Malden and Tracy Strauss watch Nathan and the news and express approval.
  • In Tokyo, Hiro and Ando are settling into executive management at Yamagato. Hiro comes across a DVD from his father, which tells him to safeguard the formula in his office's safe. However, Daphne Millbrook steals the Formula from under his nose shortly thereafter.

The Butterfly Effect

  • Company agents Gael Cruz and Bianca Karina attempt to bring Sylar in, and are both killed.
  • Claire realizes that Sylar's attack has left her unable to feel pain.
  • Angela Petrelli has a premonition and sees several evolved humans, including her sons and granddaughter, slain by a group of villains: Tracy, Adam Monroe, Maury Parkman, Knox, and Sylar. She visits Peter to tell him about it, and warns him that Claire has become a victim of his tampering.
  • In Washington, DC, a reporter approaches Tracy Strauss with pictures from and asks for a comment. Tracy threatens him and drives off.
  • Tracy arrives in Odessa and offers Nathan the open senatorial position. Nathan initially believes she is Niki, and is advised by Linderman to take her up on the offer.
  • Bob reprimands Elle for allowing Sylar to get away and expresses doubts in her competence.
  • Hoping to "feel something," Claire makes another videotape and attempts to be hit by a train. Peter saves her at the last minute, and learns what has happened to her.
  • Sylar breaks into Primatech Research and kills Bob, taking his power of alchemy. Elle releases Noah Bennet from his cell, and is attacked by Sylar herself. She subdues him with a blast of lightning that destroys the power grid, releasing at least five Level 5 prisoners.
  • The present-day Peter, stuck in Jesse Murphy's body, leaves Nathan a message before he departs with Knox, the German, and Flint.
  • After a visit from Peter, Nathan calls Tracy and accepts the seat on the Senate. The reporter once more visits Tracy, now with the video of Niki and Nathan at the Corinthian Hotel. Tracy, trying to throw him off, accidentally freezes him and causes him to shatter.
  • Nathan and Linderman play checkers, and it is revealed that Nathan is the only person who can see him.

March 21, 2007

The Butterfly Effect

  • Hiro and Ando learn the identity of the speedster: Daphne Millbrook. They teleport to her apartment in Paris to investigate.
  • Hiro and Ando offer Daphne a trade: her twelfth-grade running medal for the Formula. She manages to get away with both, but Hiro has placed a tracking device on the medal that leads them to Berlin, Germany.
  • Noah returns home to retrieve some files, and tells Claire about the escaped prisoners. To protect his family, he hires Claire's birth mother, Meredith Gordon.
  • Angela visits Sylar, being held prisoner in Level 5. She reveals to him that she is actually his real mother.

One of Us, One of Them

I Am Become Death

March 23, 2007

One of Us, One of Them

  • Claire attempts to drop out of school, which Sandra protests.
    • Meredith secretly allows Claire to skip school for the day, and tries to talk her out of fighting villains.
    • Claire leaves her house with May, supposedly for a cheerleading retreat.
    • Claire goes off on her own with a box of her dad's files.

I Am Become Death

Angels and Monsters

  • Peter attacks Sylar in his cell.
    • Noah informs Sylar that they have a lead on one of the Level 5 escapees.
    • Peter is placed in a medically induced coma.
  • Daphne meets with "Linderman" who sends her to recruit people.
  • Adam leads Hiro and Ando to the Angry Skunk Bar.
    • Adam escapes Hiro's watch, but is captured by Knox.
    • Daphne and Knox recruit Hiro, under the condition that he kills Ando.
    • Hiro apparently kills Ando with a sword.
    • Daphne informs "Linderman" that she has recruited everyone, even Hiro.
  • Sandra and Meredith realize that Claire lied about where she was going.
  • Claire, Noah, and Sylar try to recapture Stephen Canfield, who destroys himself.
    • Noah brings Claire home, where she and Sandra realize that Meredith is missing.
  • Nathan and Tracy confront Angela.
  • Angela has a dream, and is paralyzed by Arthur Petrelli.
  • Maury visits Arthur.

Dying of the Light

  • When asked to kill Ando, Hiro acquires a fake sword and pretends to kill him.
    • Daphne orders Hiro to capture Usutu.
  • Knox brings Adam to Arthur, who steals Adam's ability, killing him.
  • Daphne attempts to recruit Matt as he arrives back to America.
  • Hiro and Ando attempt to capture Usutu, and decide to do it the old-fashioned way.
  • Daphne attempts to recruit Sylar, releasing him in the process.
    • She also recruites and releases Flint.
    • Sylar releases Peter, who incapacitates him.
    • Peter interrupts a meeting between Arthur, Knox, Flint, Daphne, and Maury, and Arthur steals Peter's powers.

March 24, 2007

Dying of the Light

  • Claire decides to rescue Meredith from Doyle. Sandra insists on coming with her.
    • Doyle turns Claire, Sandra, and Meredith into puppets, and forces one of them to shoot another.
    • Sandra shoots Claire, who regenerates and knocks Doyle out.
    • Noah arrives to recapture Doyle.
  • Nathan and Tracy go to see Mohinder, who threatens them.
  • Hiro and Ando nearly ambush Usutu, who congratulates them.
  • Daphne attempts to recruit Mohinder.
  • Daphne talks to Matt again.

Eris Quod Sum

  • Usutu talks with Hiro and Ando, and sends Hiro on a spirit walk.
  • Nathan and Tracy are attacked by Mohinder, who flees with Maya.
    • Tracy is attacked by one of Mohinder's victims, when Noah and Meredith arrive.
  • Claire and Sandra drive home from Doyle's, and notice something is wrong with the lights.
    • They enter their home and find Elle, who tells Claire about the Pinehearst Company.
    • Claire and Elle fly to Pinehearst.
  • Peter awakes at Pinehearst to find himself locked up. Arthur tells Peter that his ability loss is permanent.
  • Arthur meets Mohinder and Maya, and removes Maya's ability.
  • Angela appears in Sylar's dream and encourages him to escape from his cell, which he does.
  • Arthur orders Daphne to kill Matt, and then kills Maury.
    • Matt convinces Daphne not to kill him.
    • Knox arrives, and Matt makes Knox think he's killing Matt and Daphne.
    • Daphne calls Arthur and informs him that Matt thinks she's on his side.
  • Arthur finds Peter, who has escaped.
    • Mohinder attempts to inject Peter with the formula.
    • Sylar arrives and helps Peter escape. Mohinder attacks Sylar, until Arthur explains that Sylar is his son.
    • Peter finds Sylar, who pushes him out a window, as Claire and Elle arrive.
    • Elle goes inside to have her ability removed.
    • Claire calls Nathan, who arrives with Tracy.


  • On his spirit walk, Hiro sees various events from the past.
    • He nearly awakes prematurely, but Usutu reinforces his sleep.
    • After waking up, he finds Usutu decapitated, and Arthur grabs Hiro's head.

It's Coming

  • Arthur erases Hiro's memory, making him think he's 10.
  • Sylar empathizes with Elle and copies her ability.
  • Knox and Flint attempt to kidnap Claire, but Peter interferes.
  • Mohinder and Arthur realize the formula needs a catalyst.
  • Matt frees Angela from her coma.
  • Nathan and Tracy visit Arthur.
  • Angela, Matt, Daphne, Peter, Claire and Nathan meet up and realize that Claire is the catalyst.
  • Tracy, Knox, Sylar, Elle, and Flint come to see Arthur as he draws an eclipse.

The Eclipse, Part 1

The Eclipse, Part 2

  • Peter and the Haitian attempt to rescue Nathan from Samedi.
  • Claire dies at the hospital.
  • Noah kills Sylar and wounds Elle.
  • Mohinder leaves Pinehearst to see Maya.
  • Hiro, Ando, search for clues in 9th Wonders! with help from Sam and Frack.
  • The eclipse finishes, restoring the abilities it removed.
    • Claire and Sylar come back to life.
    • The Haitian defeats Samedi, and Nathan switches sides.
    • Mohinder tries to visit Maya as he notices his ability has returned.
    • Sylar and Elle come after Claire and Noah, when Hiro interrupts
    • Hiro teleports Sylar and Elle to a beach, where Sylar starts to kill Elle.
    • Hiro brings Claire to the past.
    • Matt and Daphne go to Sam's Comics looking for Hiro.

Our Father

  • Arthur calls Sylar, as he discovers Elle's contact list.
  • Nathan and Tracy convince Arthur to place Nathan in charge of Pinehearst.
  • Matt, Daphne, and Ando find Isaac's sketchbook, and set off to find the formula.
  • Arthur travels to the past to find the catalyst.
    • Arthur returns with the catalyst, and adds it to the formula.
  • Peter shoots at Arthur while the Haitian holds back his abilities.
    • Sylar interrupts, holding Peter, the bullet, Arthur, and the Haitian still.
    • Sylar confirms that Arthur isn't really his family, and allows the bullet to go into Arthur's brain.
  • Under Nathan's orders, Mohinder injects Scott with the formula, and he gains enhanced strength.


  • Sylar takes control of Primatech Research, locking Angela, Claire, Noah, and Meredith inside.
    • Noah recruits the Level 5 prisoners to stop Sylar.
    • Sylar pumps Meredith full of adrenaline, causing her to lose control of her ability.
    • Angela, Claire and Noah escape as Meredith destroys the building, with Sylar, Doyle, Echo DeMille, and Danny Pine presumably still inside.
  • Mohinder prepares to inject himself with the formula, as Peter interrupts.
    • Daphne swoops in and steals the formula from Mohinder.
  • Ando injects himself with the formula.
    • Ando supercharges Daphne's ability, sending them into the past.
    • Daphne, Ando, and Hiro return from the past.
    • Daphne and Hiro travel to Pinehearst and destroy the formula.
  • Peter injects himself with the formula, then destroys it with Flint's help.
    • Flint ignites the Pinehearst building, and Peter flies away with Nathan.

April 2007


The Second Coming

  • Mohinder returns from the airport, having placed Molly on a plane somewhere "safe." Examining Maya, he makes a breakthrough and realizes that the source of powers comes from adrenaline.
  • Mohinder manages to synthesize a compound that can give powers to anyone; he chooses himself as the first subject and demonstrates a remarkable new power.

The Butterfly Effect

  • Maya visits Mohinder to apologize for her behavior the previous day, and finds him performing impossible acrobatics due to his new powers. The two share a kiss and then have sex.
  • In Africa, Matt is awakened by Usutu, a mysterious man with the gift of precognition. The two begin on a "spirit walk."

One of Us, One of Them

  • Usutu sends Matt into a trance with his paste.

I Am Become Death

  • Mohinder documents the adverse effects of his ability and lashes out at Maya.
  • Matt has a vision of the future.

Angels and Monsters

  • Mohinder begins placing victims in his cocoon.