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Heavy Metal
Volume: One
Episode Number: 103
First aired: 4th April, 2010
Written by: Leckie
Directed by: Leckie
Previous episode: Slightly Off Track
Next episode: Payback



Ed Jones * Magnetism * Comprehensive learning * Technopathy


Ed was sat at home watching tv.

"Ed! Turn the TV off!"

"In a minute mum! Come and look at this!"

The news had just come on and was reporting on a local school, which had burnt down.

"In other news, a local school has burnt down due to unknown reasons, luckily no-one was harmed in the fire which was soon put out by firefighters and a local child who seemed to be putting the fire out with nothing but his arms".

"Oh god! If you hadn't been ill today you might've been hurt!", cried Ed's mother, who promptly turned the TV off with a wave off her hand, a gesture that Ed failed to see.

"Relax mum, you heard what it said no-one was injured!", replied Ed, "Hey what happened to the TV?"

At that moment the doorbell rang, but before either off them could move, the door burst open and a creepy looking man walked in.

"Well hello", said the man.

"Who the hell are you?! You think you can just walk in here like this is your house?!", shouted Ed.

"Well.... basically.... yeah", replied the man, "Look I'm not gonna be long, only two quick things to do, then I'll be out of your hair."

The man walked over to Ed's mother, clamped his hands on the side of her head, and looked her straight in the eyes. She began to shake uncontrollably, whilst the man's eyes started to turn a light golden color.

Suddenly, Ed's mother collapsed on the floor convulsing. Ed immediately rushed to his mother's side and checked her pulse, which was not there.

Meanwhile the man looked pretty pleased with himself. "Well, that was quicker than I expected", he turned to look at Ed, "and now for you"

"What have you done to her?!", screamed Ed, "You've killed her!"

Ed stood up and prepared himself to attack the man, when suddenly the TV and every other piece of metal in the room started to levitate. Ed ran at the man who quickly dodged out of the way. At the same moment all the metal raced at the man, who got hit with a couple of pieces of cutlery.

"What the? What the hell did I just do?", thought Ed.

The man, obviously wounded ran out of the house, leaving Ed to ponder what he had just done.He pointed at a piece of cutlery, which had failed to hit the man. It promptly lifted itself off the floor and started to bend out of shape.

Amidst the chaos, Ed remembered his mother's predicament, and ran over to her. He clutched at her neck, hoping desperately to feel a pulse, but there was none. He stared at her lifeless body in sadness, and a single teardrop rolled down his cheek. He placed his head next to his mother's, and made a silent vow to himself.

"I'm gonna kill the bastard who killed you mum, don't worry."

Ed ran upstairs and gathered up some of his things. He walked back downstairs and collected some food from the kitchen, intending to follow the man.

As he left the house he ran into a group of teenagers, who seemed to be the same ages as him. One boy, who looked to be the leader stepped forward.

"Hey, I'm Connor and these are my friends; Rosie, Embry and Minerva".

"What do you want?", said Ed, rather harshly, in comparison to Connor's friendly tone.

"Hey, we need to talk to you", said Rosie, who showed him a picture of the man who had attacked his mother, "Have you seen this man?"


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