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User:Leckie/Visions of Earth/Jon Spiro

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Jon Spiro
Arthur Petrelli.jpg
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Jonathon Spiro
Age 39
Occupation Mob boss

Jon Spiro was a Mafia boss, who the group accidently crossed. They evaded his many attempts to seek revenge but he confronted them at the dumpsite where Minerva used her ability to cause him to crash into a mound of earth, killing him.

Character History


Alves informs Spiro of the children that interrupted them earlier, and shows him a photograph. Spiro suggests they call in The Italian and Alves smiles menacingly.


Alves delivers the news to Spiro that the Italian was killed, who is enraged by the two missed targets.

Rendezvous, Part 1

Escorted by Alves and other gangsters, Jon Spiro arrives at Connor's house and abducts Tamir leaving a note for Connor to come to the dumpsite.

Connor arrives at the location with Minerva, Rosie and Embry and demand that Spiro hands over Tamir, but they are decieved and Spiro reveals that Tamir was just a way to get to them, to gain his revenge and orders them to be shot.

Rendezvous, Part 2

As Spiro orders his entourage to open fire on Connor and his friends, they are stunned to find the bullets suspended in the air. Spiro can only watch as Alves' repeated attempts to kill the targets come to nothing as Ed reveals himself and in a brutal reprisal kills Alves and his associates.

Bewildered and afraid, Spiro gets into a vehicle and attempts to drive away but Minerva uses her ability to block the exit of the dumpsite and Spiro is killed as the jeep crashes into the mound.

L Visions of Earth
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