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Rendezvous, Part 2
Volume: One
Episode Number: 108
First aired: July, 2010
Written by: Danko
Directed by: Danko
Previous episode: Rendezvous, Part 1



Dumpsite · Terrakinesis · Magnetism


Damien clambered out of the door, examining the seemingly mundane garage they had parked outside. As he and Leckie walked towards the metal door; nebulous voices could be heard from the interior. Leckie looked callous as the reached the door, more voices could be heard and the unmistakable odor of tobacco smelt.

As fastidious as Leckie was, he was infuriated as Damien, in a typically inept and callow feat, knocked loudly on the door, drolly calling ‘anybody home’. Leckie could not stand much more of his incompetence, but he had no time to respond as the voices stopped and shuffling could be heard. Even without his ability, Leckie knew the covert inhabitants were reaching for their guns.

Connor stood in front of Rosie, Embry and Minerva as it became apparent that the only thing these people wanted was them dead and no amount of negotiation was going to change that.

"People who get in my way, well, are dealt with", Spiro had duped them. Why did they have to get involved with this business? Why had their lives been turned upside-down in the past weeks?

Connor held Rosie’s hand and the pair smiled, knowing they would be together, whatever the outcome. Spiro’s entourage raised their guns and fired.

Connor clamped his eyes shut as the sounds of the firearms reverberated around the dumpsite. However, to his immense shock he did not feel a shower of bullets penetrate his body, the projectiles entering his warm flesh. Instead he opened his eyes to see the bullets hovering between them and the guards. What had happened was no more evident to the guards than Connor, they looked at each other and a burly one near Spiro fired once more.

It had the same effect, stopping in midair between the two parties. Then out of the shadows behind a crate, came another boy. He carried a puissant stride as he approached Connor and his three friends.

"Ed", Connor breathed deeply, "You saved our..."

He was interrupted by another burst of gunfire, however Ed was prepared and exacerbated. In a split second he sent the bullets flying back at the aggressors, each guard fell down dead with no time to react to the brutal reprisal.

Spiro had taken cover as the bullets were suspended, whatever these kids were, he’d had enough. He gaped as the cartridges were propelled back to his crew. He would have revenge, these kids had not heard the last of Jon Sprio, glowering at the adolescents he raced back to the jeep.

Hearing the sound of the rubber, Ed looked up to see to the two four-by-fours speed away.

"Wait we need to get Tamir", Connor knew that they would certainly kill him if they were able to gain outbound contact. Looking at the vehicles, Minerva concentrated and a wall of rock arose at the dumpsite’s entrance. Jon Spiro and the driver had just enough time for their jaws to drop before the truck smashed into the mound at fifty miles per hour. The explosion cracked like a whip and lit up the night air.

The second vehicle had swerved away from the deadly collision and turned over onto its side. Minerva and Embry went to thank Ed whilst Connor, followed by Rosie, sped off towards the ball of flame and upturned jeep. Before the car exploded, due to the fire, Connor used his ability to douse the flames. The shell shocked driver had no argument as the duo then demanded to be taken to Tamir.


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