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It Begins
Volume: One
Episode Number: 101
First aired: February 8th 2010
Visions Of Earth.JPG
Written by: Leckie
Directed by: Leckie
Next episode: Slightly Off Track



Its far too early to be in school!", thought Connor, "I should be at home in bed, not coming in early for extra revision lessons!"

Connor was sat in his school library, reading through his old maths books stuying for a test that was coming up. Rosie walked in.

"Hey Connor!"

Connor immediately perked up, he and Rosie had been going out for a couple of months now.

"Hey Rosie, how come your in so early? You haven't got the maths exam next week", he answered obviously confused.

"Nope, but I knew you'd be in here, so I came to see if you wanted sme help"

"Aww, I'd love some help just as much as I love you!"

Half an hour later


"Yeah Rosie?"

"I've got something I need to tell you", she answered obviously on the verge of saying more, "Look, meet me at the science block at break"

She walked off, leaving Connor in a state of confusion that had nothing to do with the work in front of him.

Break time

"This better be good Rosie, I've got detentions now cause I was thinking about what you could want"

"Sorry, anyway I have a huge secret that you can not tell anyone about!"

"Umm, sure"

With that Rosie suddenly lifted herself into middair, Connor almost collapsed, Rosie quickly let herself down.

"Oh no! Connor! Connor?"

"You as well!!", he whispered faintly

"Huh? Connor?"

Connor suddenly raised his hand, and a water pipe next to them burst.

"Connor! What was that!", Rosie was evidently scared of what Connor had done.

"I'm like you, I have special abilities too! We aren't the only ones! my step-dad is able to see the future, my friend is able to move the earth around her. I don't think its just us anymore though!"

"Well duh!", and with that she kissed him, "I know people who have wierd abilities too! One guy can manipulate the air, my uncle is really good at remembering stuff."

"Well, well, well, I'm glad I over heard that little conversation!", said a shadowed man.

Meanwhile, at Connor's house, his stepfather suddenly collapsed, his eyes turning blue as he started to see the future.


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