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User:Leckie/Visions of Earth/Comprehensive learning

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Comprehensive learning
Powers sylar aptitude.jpg
Jake Leckie uses his ability.
Held by: Jake Leckie
Ability to: Comprehensively learn how things work.

Comprehension is the ability to comprehensivly learn how things or abilites work. When a user knows how an ability works, they gain that ability.


  • Jake Leckie is the only known person to hold this power.

Jake Leckie

Jake Leckie has used this ability on several occasions. He used it in order to realise that Embry was an evolved human, and what his ability was. (Slightly Off Track) He also used this ability to absorb technopathy from Ed's mother (Heavy Metal), aerokinesis from Aaron (Payback), terrakinesis from Minerva (Hunted) and Eyesight manipulation from an unknown source.

When he absorbed Ed's mother's ability, he accidentally killed her because he was under stress. It is unknown whether he can kill delibarately with his power or whether he has killed with it before.

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