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Ed Jones
In-story stats
Known ability Magnetism
Formal name Edward Jones
Nicknames Eddy, Eduardo
Age 18

Ed Jones is a young boy who recently discovered he can manipulate metal.

Character History

Heavy Metal

Ed resides in his home watching a news report about the burnt down school, when his mother tells him to turn the TV off; much to his disgruntlement. As she does it herself, a creepy looking man bursts through the door and ignoring the protests of Ed, grabs his mother. As it becomes evident that the stranger has killed her, Ed becomes angry and activates his ability causing metal objects in the room to fly at the man.

The man manages to escape and as Ed prepares to follow, he finds Connor, Rosie, Embry and Minerva enquiring about the very person.


Ed is searching for special abilities over the Internet, when he comes across a site ran by an obsessive geneticist, he notes the address and goes to meet the man.

He arrives to find the man has a machine that can locate people with abilities, Ed is fascinated but when Damien tells him it could take months to work, he becomes impatient. Wanting to find his mother’s killer, Ed threatens Damien, but remembering his late mother marches away.


Ed watches a news report an incident at a nearby café, where two people were killed. Looking at the CCTV, he recognises Rosie and Connor, before noticing another man. Ed immediately turns off the TV and rushes to the café.

He finds a young girl sitting outside the building as police section off the area. Upon asking her what happened, Ed realises it is the girl that came to his house.

Rendezvous, Part 1

Ed talks with Minerva at his home and empathises as she recalls the events Leckie and the nearby café. She is interrupted by a text message from Rosie and Ed looks over as she exclaims her shock.

Rendezvous, Part 2

To the immense suprise of two parties at the dumpsite, the bullets halted in midair between Spiro with his entourage and Connor along with Minerva, Embry and Rosie. However to their immense relief Ed reveals himself, but he approaches the gang Spiro's entourage begin to fire again, Ed launches the bullets back at them in a brutal reprisal. He reunites with the gang whilst Minerva uses her ability to prevent Spiro escaping.

Evolved Human Abilities

Ed has the ability of magnetism, whereby he can manipulate metal and other ferrous materials. He has demonstrated this ability (Heavy Metal)

L Visions of Earth
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