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Connor's School
Location: Bournemouth, England
Purpose: Education

In Bournemouth, Connor Beach and many other pupils attended Connor's school.

Notable Students

Notable Visitors


It Begins

Connor is revising in the library, when he is interrupted by Rosie who offers to help him; he gleefully accepts. Later the pair reunite outside the science block where Rosie anxiously reveals her ability to him. Shocked at first, but Connor demonstrates his ability to flabbergasted Rosie. The pair embrace and as they converse over other evolved humans, a shadowed man unveils himself, hearing the entire conversation.

Slightly Off Track

Embry spots Rosie and Connor being attacked by a weird man. Rosie lifts Connor onto the roof of the school in order to keep him out of harms way and proceeds to help Embry fight off the creepy man.

However during the engagement, Embry had accidently burnt down the school, despite Connor's best attempts to put out the flames. The trio stand over the burnt out remains, consoling a distraught Embry.

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