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Volume: One
Episode Number: 106
First aired: April, 2010
Written by: Leckie
Directed by: Leckie
Previous episode: Hunted



Special locating machine · Flight · Joe’s café


"Dead?! What do you mean The Italian is dead?!", screamed Spiro, evidently more upset that the kids had gotten away than his employee was dead.

Alves usually felt uncomfortable in his employer's presence; yet, having delivered some bad news he felt even worse than usual.

"Well look on the brightside boss, at least you don't have to pay him".

Spiro ingnored him and stared at the picture of the two youths that had evaded his best agent. He growled and stubbed out his cigar on the face of the young boy in the picture.

Leckie sat on a bench, overlooking a large lake. He focused and the ground shook gently, two joggers crossing over a bridge acted as if they were under fire. He smiled, and stood up.

"Hello, hi yes, could I have a word". A voluble man sat down on the bench, Leckie looked at him in a perfunctory manner.

"I’m Damien", the man continued and held out his hand.

"I'm Leckie, what do you want?", replied Leckie, not taking the man’s eager hand.

"Well... um... its difficult to explain", answered Damien. "You see, I believe that you are one of many individuals who have special powers".

"Oh yeah? And what would you know about that?", asked Leckie. "And more importantly, how did you find me?"

"Well that bits simple, you see I have this machine that allows me to track these people who have special powers"

"Reall.....", Leckie was cut off as a loud beep came from Damien's backpack, "Dude, what was that?"

"That, my friend, was the machine announcing that it has found another special, as I like to call them, nearby".

"Really?", replied Leckie, astonished that this incredible machine was real and functional. "Where abouts?"

Damien checked the readout from the machine, "It’s saying that they're a two evolved humans 150 yards from here, over there". He spun around pointing across the large lake.

Leckie raised his eyebrow suspiciously, "Two you say? Can you wait here a minute?"

It did not take Leckie long to spot his assumed targets as he looked over the pond to see the two children who had attacked him back at the café. He looked inquisitively as a girl and boy talked frettfully, the girl grabbed hold of the boy and they hovered above the ground ever so slightly before reconsidering, dropping gently back to the ground and walking towards the bridge.

"Well, that could be a useful one", he thought to himself.

Elsewhere, Ed was watching the news seeing a report on the death of a waiter at a local café. Seeing two kids and a burly man on the screen, through the reports use of the CCTV, Ed recognised the two kids as Rosie and Connor. Ed noticed a man hiding in the corner of the screen, evidently trying to hide from the camera, and used his ability cut out the TV's power source, having recognised the man as his mother's killer.

Behind him Ed heard a police car racing past, and ran after it, using his ability to slow car down.

Half an hour later

Ed arrived at the café that he had seen on the news, and noticed a young girl sat at one of the tables. He made his way over to her.

"Hey, what happened here?", he asked, trying to be as friendly as he could.

The girl looked up and Ed realised she was one of the girls who had visited him at his house just after his mother had died.

Meanwhile, Connor and Rosie arrived at the park and sat down on a bench next to a pond. As they sat down the ground beneath them rumbled and shook.

"What the hell was that?!" exclaimed Rosie

"I don't know, but I doubt it was an earthquake" replied Connor, "It could be, and I mean this seriously, maybe it was someone with the same power as Minerva!"

"I guess" said Rosie, who scanned the park around them suddenly noticing Leckie sat across from them staring at them, "Connor! Look! Its that man again! We need to go, I'm taking us back to your house".

Rosie grabbed Connor by the arm, and without warning him took off into the air. Rosie looked down in time to see them man looking up at them menacingly as a portentious mind jogged up behind him.

Damien jogged up behind Leckie, his machinery clanking loudly conspicuously behind him.

"See anyone you suspect then?" Muttering casually, unaware of the pair flying away above them.

Leckie looked back at him "No, but come on. We’ve work to do".


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