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Jake Leckie
First appearance It Begins
In-story stats
Known abilities Comprehensive learning
"Current learned abilities":
Eyesight manipulation
Age 28

Jake Leckie is a man who discovered his ability to learn and configure abilities quickly. He has since gone after others with speical abilities.

Character History

It Begins

Jake listens in to Connor and Rosie's conversation over evolved humans. He unveils himself triumphantly to the surprised pair.

Slightly Off Track

Leckie approaches Connor and Rosie and questions their abilities but when Embry interrupts, realising he's another special, Leckie attempts to fight the trio. However Rosie levitates Connor to safety, and after a short engagement, Embry as they escape the reaches of Leckie; leaving the burnt down school.

Heavy Metal

Leckie enters Ed's house, with the intent of taking the abilities of Ed and his mother, he succeeds with Ed's mother, killing her in the process. But Ed activates his ability causing metal objects in the room to fly at the Leckie, who just manages to escape.

As Ed prepares to follow, he finds Connor, Rosie, Embry and Minerva enquiring about Leckie.


Leckie sends Aaron a message telling him to go into the shop behind him. When Aaron walks in, Leckie reveals himself to him.


After following Connor, Rosie and another man into a café. Leckie uses one of his abilities to call and then blow up the man's phone, killing him. As he attempts to take the abilities of Connor and Rosie, Connor blasts him with water and the pair escape. Back outside Leckie finds Minerva sitting alone and proceeds to take her ability.

Later at a park, he tests out his new ability, when he is confronted by a strange man who introduces himself as Damien.


Leckie is approached by Damien at the park who questions him about having an ability. Leckie is initally suspicous but Damien reveals his machine and how he can locate 'specials'. He demonstrates this by finding Rosie and Connor across the lake. Leckie uses his ability to attack the pair, but they escape thanks to Rosie. Damien then catches up to Leckie, oblivious of the encounter and Leckie tells him they have work to do.

Rendezvous, Part 1

Rosie and Connor panic as they spot Leckie across the lake and immediately set off back to Connor's house before he can stop the pair.

Rendezvous, Part 2

Leckie and Damien travel to a warehouse, where they discover voices. Leckie realises that the men inside are reaching for their guns.

Evolved Human Abilities

Jake has the ability to quickly learn how things work. He has used this ability to absorb technopathy from Ed's mother (Heavy Metal), aerokinesis from Aaron (Payback), terrakinesis from Minerva Young (Hunted) and eyesight manipulation from an unknown source.

L Visions of Earth
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