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At All Costs
Volume: One
Episode Number: 109
First aired: August, 2010
Written by: Danko
Directed by: Danko
Previous episode: Rendezvous, Part 2
Next episode: He Who Dares



Special locating machine · Terrakinesis · Precognition


The low-level gangsters guarding the tied up old man never really stood a chance the moment they clambered for their guns upon hearing noises outside the garage. They were all fairly inexperienced, just high-school bullies that had strode down a bad path, they threatened, smoked and stole but none had ever killed anyone before.

The same could not be said for the intruder to the garage, Leckie entered with the look of a merciless assassin as he diligently and ruthlessly carried out the killings.

Twenty miles away and racing towards the very location, Connor sat bolt upright in his seat focusing ahead, Rosie glanced at him worryingly, she two was worried about Tamir. In the back the Embry and Minerva exchanged apprehensious looks while Ed, examined Spiro's driver carefully, who sweated profusely.

As the jeep swerved round a bend, Rosie muttered quietly. "He’s gonna be alright Connor, he", she nodded at the driver and Connor scowled; "even said the cronies were just holding him until further instructions".

Connor turned to Rosie, his stern demeanor being replaced by the look of a worried boy, that new he was out of his depth. "Its just, " he began. "Why did our lives have to go so drastically out of control, Leckie, Spiro… and now Tamir". He did not finish the sentence.

Moments passed in silence before Embry looked to Rosie, you’ve got friends though, Aaron and…".

"He lives in London now". Rosie cut in bluntly, "and Ewan’s gone missing, no one know where he". This time it was Rosie that was interrupted as the driver faced the youths and muttered two words.

"We’re here".

10 minutes earlier, Damien gaped at Leckie horrified at what he had just witnessed, "you killed them".

Leckie ignored him, he rushed over to the man in the corner, blindfolded and gagged, the weary figure drooped forwards. Leckie gave a wry smile and whispered maliciously "you thought they were bad".

Before anyone could move the low rumble of an engine and screech of tyres resonated around the room. Damien looked towards Leckie, in what he knew could well be his last words, triumphantly he spoke "Come to think about it, I think that special locating machine was in the car.

Leckie’s eyes narrowed.

Connor and Ed led to race to the garage. The pair burst through into the dimly lit room, closely followed by Rosie, Embry and Minerva.

The scene was unforgiving and Rosie held her tongue as the corpses of several gang members but most notably Damien were spread out across what resembled a bloody gladiatorial arena.

Connor ran to a figure in the corner whilst Ed paused moving beside the body of Damien, who had been impaled by a spike of earth. The look of shock and fear was etched into Damien's now pale face, he hadn't had time to take a breath before the spike had skewered through his chest. Ed gave a sorrowful look towards the man he had so recently visited before following the others over to the shaken form of Tamir. Connor lifted his head up slowly and Tamir's eyes flickered gently.

"You must stop Leckie". He struggled to speak. "He can see the future too now." Tamir could not manage any more. He passed out in Connor’s arms who looked up gravely.


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