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User:Leckie/Visions of Earth/Tamir Johnson

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Tamir Johnson
First appearance It Begins
In-story stats
Nickname Tamme
Significant other Connor's mother (deceased)
Child Connor Beach (stepson)

Tamir Johnson is a fortune teller, who can actually see the future.

Character History

It Begins

At Connor's house, Tamir suddenly collapses, his eyes turning blue as he starts to see the future.

Slightly Off Track

Connor tells Minerva that Tamir saw they would find a government man

Evolved Human Abilities

Tamir has the ability to "paint the future".

When Tamir is in a trance, he seems to be actually perceiving the future. His eyes become a light blue and he sees the future events visually as if he's actually there.

Tamir manifests his ability as drawing and just plain visions. He seems to use the normal visions more often than drawing them out.

L Visions of Earth
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