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Slightly Off Track
Volume: One
Episode Number: 102
First aired: March 26, 2010
End of Primatech.jpg
Written by: Leckie
Directed by: Leckie
Previous episode: It Begins
Next episode: Heavy Metal



Embry Moyes * Pyrokinesis * Aerokinesis * Minerva Young * Aaron Parsons * Eyesight manipulation


"Damn I'm bored!", thought Embry as he walked along, "hmm, whats that?"

Embry had spotted two kids being attacked by a man. The man seemed to realise that Embry was there, and turned around to look at him.

"Well well, what have we here?", said the man, "Another special?"

"What does he mean special?", a thought that Embry proceded to voice aloud.

"Oh, and a special who doesn't even know yet!", the man smiled creepily and started to advance towards Embry.

Meanwhile, behind the man Rosie had grabbed Connor and started to levitate the both of them into the air. Rosie dropped Connor onto the roof of the school, and flew back down to Embry, who held his hands up to tell her, silently, to stop.

The man interpreted Embry's body language the same way and said, "You really think fires gonna stop me?"

"Fire? Dude, what the hell are you on about?"

All at once, Embry went blind, began to realease fire from his hands, and started to levitate. Rosie had swept down as soon as Embry had been blinded and grabbed him, pulling out of the reach of the creepy man.

20 Minutes Later

"Thank you so much Rosie! I just can't believe I burnt the school down!", said Embry

After Rosie had picked him up and flown him away, he had let out a hige burst of fire from his feet, which spiralled downwards and lit the school on fire.

"Its all right, at least Connor was able to douse most of the flames", Rosie replied smiling, "If you need help you can always ask, you know that"

Meanwhile Connor was walking ahead whilst on the phone.

"Minnie? Hey, look I need your help", he was saying, "Look the thing is my stepdad had a vision, and you were involved. I need your help to track down a government bloke, apparently he can manipulate air currents"

"Yeah sure", replied Minerva, "I'll need a name though"

"Its Aaron Parsons apparently", said Connor.

"Okay, will get back to you as soon as I can. Laters!"

"Phew", thought Connor, "We're gonna need all the help we can get with this!"

Meanwhile, outside the Houses of Parliament, Aaron was walking down the road when suddenly the air started to blow like crazy.

"Hey, what the?!", shouted Aaron, "Why does this always happen near me?!"


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