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User:Leckie/Visions of Earth/Special locating machine

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Special locating machine
Computer guts.JPG
Damien assembles the machine

Owned by: Damien

Damien uses a special locating machine in order to track down evolved humans.



At his apartment, Damien shows Ed his machine to track down people with abilities. Ed is initially fascinated but when Damien tells him it could take months to work, he becomes violently impatient. Damien tries to explain about the complications of the machine, but Ed threatens him with his ability and decides to leave.


As Damien sleeps in his flat, the machine goes off waking him up. He excitedly runs over to it, hoping to have found an evolved human.


Damien explains to Leckie how he was able to find him and other evolved humans before demonstrating the machine and locating two nearby 'specials'.

L Visions of Earth
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