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Linderman's guard ii.jpg
In-story stats
Known ability None
Age 34
Occupation Bodyguard

Alves was Jon Spiro's personal bodyguard. He was killed by Ed in an act of revenge.

Character History


As Alves and his associate are beating a young man when they are interrtpted by Connor, Rosie, Embry and Minerva who bravely intervene. Alves becomes fustrated and shoots at Minerva, who uses her ability as a shield from the attack.

Spooked, Alves and his associate flee the scene. Later the pair inform their boss of the events, who suggests they call in The Italian. Alves smiles menacingly, while thinking that the kids will not be bothering anyone for much longer.


Alves delivers the news to Spiro that the Italian was killed, who is enraged by the two missed targets.

Rendezvous, Part 1

Escorting Jon Spiro, Alves and the other gangsters, arrive at Connor's house and abduct Tamir leaving a note for Connor to come to the dumpsite.

Connor arrives at the location with Minerva, Rosie and Embry as Spiro stands with his entourage including Alves. Spiro explains that Tamir was just a way to get to them, to gain his revenge and orders them to be shot. Alves and the other gangsters open fire.

Rendezvous, Part 2

As they open fire on Connor and his friends, Alves along with the rest of Spiro's entourage are stunned to find the bullets suspended in the air. Alves' repeated attempts to kill the targets come to nothing as Ed reveals himself and in a brutal reprisal kills Alves and his associates.

L Visions of Earth
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