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User:Leckie/Visions of Earth/Episode:Payback

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Volume: One
Episode Number: 104
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Written by: Danko
Previous episode: Heavy Metal
Next episode: Hunted


Story Development

Damien · Special locating machine · Terrakinesis · Jon Spiro · Alves


Connor, Rosie, Embry and Minerva walked back down the street away from Ed's, disheartened at their failure to get to Ed in time. In the awkward silence, Minerva attempted to make conversation, "So, err, Embry how long have you known about your ability?"

He looked up, "Well..".

"Look" Connor sharply interrupted him.

Ahead a young man was beating beaten up by two elder men in suits. Bent over choking the air, the men pounded him with a series of vicious blows; his bruises shone as the sunlight permeated the daunting alleyway. "Think you were gonna get away with not paying, did ya?" The taller man stood over the beaten man and took out a pistol, without warning he suddenly brought his hand plunging down, using the pistol as a club. It smashed into the man’s shoulder and his pained expression was sorrowfully visible to the four teenagers.

Minerva stepped forward and coughed, the two men looked up apprehensiously but smirked as four youths blocked the entrance of the alley. "Get back to school", the shorter man muttered.

Speaking much more confidently than she was feeling, Minerva took another step towards them, "leave that man, alone". Alves, the taller man was a physical specimen, and proficient in many a firearm, he raised his gun and fired at the unwelcome guests. Reacting instinctively Minerva raised her arms, and the earth between the groups rose to form a shield, protecting herself and the others. Shocked and bewildered Alves swore, and jumping over the metal fence, he and his smaller associate escaped.

Elsewhere Ed was after revenge, he knew the man that had killed his mother had some sort of powers, and apparently so did he. He perfunctory flicked through pages over the Internet, until he came to a inconspicuous web site, ran by a guy called Damien, ‘Do you have an unexplained power which allows you to do impossible things? Do you know someone with a mysterious secret, visit me to discover the phenomenon…’. Ed noted the address and went to the door, resolute and purposeful.

20 minutes later, after taking a cab, he reached the apartment of his target, he followed the dusty corridors and staircases until he reached room number 22 and knocked. A pale faced man came to the door and suspiciously muttered "what?"

Ed silently took a metal knife from his pocket and using his ability raised it into the air. Damien nodded excitedly and thrust the door open.

Near the Houses of Parliament, Aaron Parsons sat on a secluded bench overlooking the Thames, distractedly eating a sandwich. A young couple walked away leaving Aaron feel both lonely and jealous. Preparing himself to return to work, he checked his watch. He jumped up in fright as instead of the time, there was writing on the watch. ‘GO INTO THE SHOP BEHIND YOU’, astonished he shook the device and when it did not move stood up and looked around. A man whose face was covered by his hat approached. Aaron scrambled over to him, "look here, look at my watch".

The man did "12.40 so what?" Aaron spluttered and gazed down at the time. Gaping he scratched his head and the man walked round the corner, muttering "weirdo". Cautiously Aaron approached the closed down shop behind him, he entered and jumped as the bell rang.

"Hello" he whispered as he moved further into the darkness, suddenly a crash came from behind him and he whipped around. "Hello" he repeated, starting to get spooked. He turned back around to find a figure standing right in front of him.

Leckie smiled, "hi".

"So what you’re saying is that your machine can find people with abilities", Ed queried, satisfied.

"Well, you must understand, its very complicated and could take a while". Damien replied tensely, he felt uncomfortable in the company of these extraordinary new finds.

"How long would it take to find one?"

"Well, it could be months".

Ed stood up, furious. "What!? I need to find him now!" Taking out the knife he raised it online with Damien’s eye level, who started to sweat profusely. Picturing the body of his mother, Ed propelled the knife into the wall and marched out.

"Sir, we have a photo of the four". Alves passed it to his boss, who stared intensely.

"Sounds like we should call in someone, how about The Italian?" the man responded.

"Yes sir, Mr. Spiro" Alves replied, thinking that these kids weren’t going to be bothering anyone for much longer. TO BE CONTINUED

Character Appearances

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