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Volume: One
Episode Number: 105
First aired: April, 2010
Powers Peter stop Claire's bullet.jpg
Written by: Danko
Directed by: Danko
Previous episode: Payback
Next episode: Acquaintances



The Italian · Special locating machine · Terrakinesis


Damien slouched back on his armchair, his glasses askew and mouth wide open, he began to snore loudly. Around him the room was strewn with various possessions and a good deal of paper. Notes and newspaper cuttings littered the burgundy desk it the corner of the faintly illuminated room, the headline of one cut out blared:

'Resident gardener of Bournemouth, Wayne Brookland has been rewarded for his commitment to gardening in the area, his reknown vegetable patch boasts a national standard size variety of vegetables, unequalled in their ...'

The rest of the story was obscured by a coffee cup, however at the top of the article a note labelled 'Plant control'.

A picture of a fair haired, bored young man lay beside the newspaper, written on the photograph were 'Ewan Hopkins'.

Damien grunted in his sleep and his face slid down the aimchair, but he did not wake up. In the middle of the room a complicated and egregious machine sat with wires leading to plug sockets and LEDs dimly glowing. The machine gave off a gentle hum but without warning emitted a loud beep, Damien jumped up, "could it be?" He raced over to the monitor of the machine, "has it found a special?"

Two hours earlier

Rosie and Connor sat outside a café as the sun beat down on them on the warm spring today; both sipped their drinks while thinking over the events of the past fortnight, but hoping their mundane lifestyles had returned.

"No sign of that weird man then", Connor was full of alacrity, but Rosie frowned.

"Look after what happened to Ed’s mum, I don’t want to talk about it, but for all we know he could still be out there".

Connor opened his mouth to speak but a figure approached the table, he was small and nervous looking "could I take your orders please". The waiter had quite a squeaky voice and Connor and Rosie smiled before choosing from the menu.

At a nearby table a well built man gazed at the pair, they were definitely from the photograph. He watched as the waiter moved away and walked towards the table, his pistol concealed in his sleeve.

Connor moved closer to Rosie, "Actually before Minerva gets here, there was something I wanted to talk to you about…".

"Eh hem", they both looked up to see a middle aged man, with powerful shoulders bearing down upon them. There was an asperity to his face as he spoke in a deep Italian accent.

"Get up and move inside", Connor looked to interrupt, but the man forcefully continued, "now" he hissed; "or someone will get hurt".

Looking at an old lady over the shoulder of the trenchant gentlemen, Rosie and Connor moved inside. They followed as he led them to a small room. Inside was the pompous waiter that had just served them, with deadly accuracy and a silencer the man fired twice in the heart. The waiter dropped dead and Rosie went pale, as she turned to face the man over his wanton attack, Connor pulled her close to him and whispered, "behind some crates over there is a fire escape door, on my count we make a run for it". Seeing no other way to escape the impasse, she nodded through watery eyes.

By the door, The Italian had just checked the hallway when his phone went off. He swore in italian, "I turn this bloody thing off".

"Ciao", but straight away the man could hear some sort of strange interference. He put his ear closer "hello?" The noise became louder, he could hear it from his mobile phone. Some sort of ticking. Then there was a click.

One second of silence and the mobile phone exploded. The Italian had been holding it close against his ear, if he heard the blast, he was dead before it registered. Rosie screamed as his body toppled over onto the floor.

The door flew open and expecting some sort of help, Rosie and Connor found a nasty surprise. With a pernicious look in his eye, the man that they least wanted to see entered, Leckie.

However Connor, preparing to attack the mob’s gangster, intrepidly fired a torrent of water at the visitor. He was sent flying into the wall with no time to react. Leckie raised his attenuated and soaked body to see the pair escape.

Minutes later, he had escaped the scene, before a discovery of the two bodies could be made. Exacerbated Leckie made his way back out of the café, when he noticed someone of great interest sitting in a seat, looking flustered. Thinking he may yet take an ability.

Minerva looked around nervously and in a quandary. "Where are they", she muttered.

An hour later, Leckie sat on a bench, overlooking a large lake. He focused and the ground shook gently, two joggers crossing over a bridge acted as if they were under fire. He smiled and stood up.

"Hello. Hi yes, err could I have a word?" A voluble man sat down on the bench, Leckie looked at him in a perfunctory manner.

"I’m Damien". The man continued and held out his hand.


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