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Embry Moyes
Lyle Bennet.jpg
First appearance Slightly Off Track
In-story stats
Known ability Pyrokinesis
Age 19

Embry Moyes is a college student, who found out he could create and manipulate fire.

Character History

Slightly Off Track

Embry spots Rosie and Connor being attacked by a weird man. He rushes over to help the pair as Rosie lifts Connor onto the roof of the school in order to keep him out of harms way. As Embry and the man face off, Rosie returns to help him fight off the stranger.

Later Embry stands with Connor and Rosie over the remains of the burnt school, shocked at what he had subconsciously done.

Heavy Metal

As Ed races out to chase the intruder, he finds Embry, Rosie, Connor and Minerva enquiring about the very person.


Embry is walking away from Ed's with the others, when they come across two men beating up another teenager. Embry watches as Minerva steps forward and confronts them. One of the men shoots at the group, but they are saved by Minerva using her ability to create a shield out of the earth.

Rendezvous, Part 1

Embry arrives at the dumpsite with Minerva, Rosie and Connor in an attempt to retrieve the kidnapped Tamir. They arrive and Connor demands Spiro releases Tamir, however Spiro turns the tables as reveals that Tamir was just a way to get to them, to gain his revenge and orders them to be shot. Before the four can react, Spiro's entourage open fire.

Rendezvous, Part 2

To the immense suprise of two parties at the dumpsite, the bullets halted in midair before Embry and his friends. However to their immense relief Ed reveals himself, as he approaches the gang Spiro's entourage begin to fire again, Ed launches the bullets back at them in a brutal reprisal.

As Ed reunites with the gang, Minerva uses her ability to prevent Spiro escaping.

Evolved Human Abilities

Embry has the ability to create and manipulate fire using the power of his mind. He has developed his ability and used it to face a powerful stranger and inadvertently burnt down the school. (Slightly Off Track)

L Visions of Earth
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