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Volumes Sneak Peak
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Date of event: May 21, 2007

In every end of a volume there is a Sneak Peak of the next.

Notable Participants

Notable Items

Notable Powers

Notable Locations


How to Stop an Exploding Man (Volume One to Volume Two)

In this sneak peak, Hiro teleports to escape from Sylar, in the past where a war has broken out between soldiers and soldier recruited from the real Takezo Kensei. Hiro is transported into the past where there is an eclipse.

Powerless (Volume Two to Volume Three)

In this Sneak Peak Sylar arrives in a street of ill repute in New York after fleeing from Elle. Here, Claire's blood is injected together with that of Mohinder to regain power. So with telekinesis port if a |can of spinach. The bad back so he has his powers.

Dual (Volume Three to Volume Four)

In this Sneak Peak, in Washington, Nathan speaks in a car with the President of the United States with the idea of locking people with powers. The president accepts the idea, thanks Nathan and out of the machine that moves away.

An Invisible Thread (Volume Four to Volume Five)

In this Sneak Peak, a former agent of the building 26, Kent Harper returns to his house and discovers the water that comes out of the sink. The water then turns into Tracy Strauss telling him that he's the number 4 and then drowns Kent Harper.

Brave New World (Volume Five to Volume Six)

In this Sneak Peak, Peter and Emma embrace, and she explains that Doyle made her play. She tells Peter that Sylar took care of him. They go inside where Sylar has tied up Doyle with electrical cords. Claire returns and confirms that Hiro is taking care of the carnival people. Lauren has called in some favors to have Samuel imprisoned, and cover up the events as a gas main explosion and special effects. Claire says that he can't see the future where they live out in the open, and wonders how long they can keep things under wraps. The reporters come over and ask what happened. Noah says "no comment" and Claire echoes his comment. However, as they start to walk away, Claire reconsiders. She tells Noah that people don't change, and then addresses the reporters, telling them to keep the cameras on her. Claire goes to the Ferris wheel and starts climbing, while Noah calls after her. Lauren comes over and asks what Claire is doing, and Noah says she's breaking his heart. Hiro and Ando see Claire climbing. Sylar is telling Peter that he didn't have a thought for himself when he saved Emma, and that it felt right. They notice Claire and Peter realizes she's going to change everything. Sylar agrees that she will, and it's a brave new world. At the top of the Ferris wheel, Claire looks to her father for a moment, and then throws herself off. The reports move in as Claire gets to her feet and heals before the cameras. She says that she's Claire Bennet, and she's lost count of the number of times she's regenerated.

Memorable Quotes

"@#$%" (Dirty word in Chinese)

- Hiro Nakamura (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"I'm Back!"

- Sylar (Powerless)

"You're number four"

- Tracy Strauss to Kent Harper (An Invisible Thread)

"I think our only real option at this point is to get the United States government involved."

"And you're saying all of these people have abilities?"

"Them, and more. A lot more. The important thing to remember is how dangerous these people can become if left unchecked. I had a solution. It proved unsuccessful. It's all there. All the evidence you need."

"What exactly is it that you're asking to do?"

"I want to round them up and put them in a facility where they won't be a danger to anyone."

"Alright, Senator. Let's get you whatever you need."

"Thank you, Mr. President."

- Nathan, The President (Dual)

"What is she doing?"

"Breaking my heart."

- Lauren, Noah (Brave New World)

"What the hell does she think she's doing? She's going to change everything.

"That's right. It's a brave new world."

- Peter, Sylar (Brave New World)

"My name is Claire Bennet, and this is attempt number...I guess I've kind of lost count."

- Claire (Brave New World)


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