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Season: One
Episode number: 118
First aired: March 5, 2007
Written by: Christopher Zatta
Directed by: Kevin Bray
Previous episode: Company Man
Next episode: .07%
Heroes Interactive transcript


Story Development

Alonzo · Quesada · The Bennets' hotel room · Illusion · Corinthian Casino · Linderman's archives · Linderman's curator · Texas airport · Curare · Mr. Linderman · Isaac Dead Series



While Peter examines Simone, Isaac tells him that it was supposed to be Peter that he shot. Isaac asks if there's anything Peter can do, but Peter tells him that she is dead. Peter rests Simone's body on Isaac's bed. Meanwhile Isaac picks up the gun, blames Peter, then fires two shots at Peter before Peter turns invisible and escapes.

In Las Vegas Hiro tries to enter a casino, but security has flagged him and turns him away as he reaches the top of the stairs. Hiro tells the security guard that he was invited by Mr. Linderman and they throw him out of the casino. Hiro tells the large guard that threw him out that bigger people have tried to stop him, and that he'll find a way to get inside.

Back at the secret facility in Primatech, Thompson asks Mr. Bennet if he remembers anything about what happened. Mr. Bennet says that he doesn't remember anything that happened after he was driving his wife home from the hospital. Thompson runs through the events that happened after that point and suspiciously asks Mr. Bennet if he remembers any of it. Mr. Bennet tells Thompson that he doesn't care if he believes him or not and that he's going to find Claire. Thompson tells Mr. Bennet that The Haitian has apparently "gone rogue" and erased the memories of both Mr. Bennet and his family. Mr. Bennet asks when he can go after The Haitian and find his daughter, but Thompson tells him that he can't be the one that goes on that mission. Thompson orders Mr. Bennet to detach himself from Claire. Mr. Bennet asks if Thompson expects him not to do anything and Thompson tells him that he expects Mr. Bennet to do as he's told. Thompson leaves the room and enters another room where a one-way mirror is being used to observe Mr. Bennet. Thompson asks Matt Parkman, who is bound to a chair, what he thinks. Matt tells Thompson that Mr. Bennet is telling the truth. Thompson and Candice go to leave the room and Matt tells them that they had a deal that they'd let him go if he helped them. Thompson tells Matt that he's making progress on being set free.

Meanwhile, somewhere along Route 290, The Haitian points out to Claire that she hasn't said anything all day. Claire tells him that it doesn't matter since he's not telling her where they're going anyway. The Haitian tells her that as soon as he knows where they're going he'll tell her. Claire asks when she'll be able to return home and The Haitian tells her that she's got to remain on the run from the Company. He tells her that even she won't be able to recover from what they'll do to her. The Haitian explains that Claire's father sacrificed a lot to ensure that Claire would live. The Haitian gets out of the car and speaks in French to an unknown party on a nearby payphone. Claire asks if she can return home now and The Haitian tells her that she must leave the country that night.

Two FBI agents arrive at Nathan Petrelli's office and tell him that they want to speak to him about illegal campaign contributions from the Linderman Group. The agents close all the blinds and sweep the room for recording devices as they ask why a Mr. Linderman's group based in Las Vegas would be helping a NY politician. Nathan explains that his father was an attorney for the group before he died. The agent finishes sweeping and tells them that it's ok to speak. Nathan tells them that they agreed to not visit in person, and they remind him that he agreed to deliver Mr. Linderman to them. The agents tell Nathan that only they know that he's working with the FBI.They point out that Mr. Linderman has requested a meeting with Nathan and ask him why. Nathan tells them he's still 4 points behind in the polls, that Mr. Linderman is going to tell Nathan how he will help him win, and then tell him what he'll need to do in return for the favor. The agents tell Nathan that they want him to wear a recording device because he's the only one who can get the evidence necessary to put Mr. Linderman in prison. The agents leave and Nathan turns to find Peter in the office. Nathan tells Peter that he's been working with the FBI since Heidi's accident.Peter explains that he thought he could be a hero, but now he's responsible for Simone's death. He tells Nathan that Isaac shot her and Nathan asks Peter if he called the police. When Peter tells him he didn't Nathan offers to make an anonymous phone call to the police. Peter says he doesn't know what to do, and Nathan tells him not to do anything. Nathan asks Peter to stay with him, but Peter refuses telling Nathan that while he's around everyone else is in danger. Nathan suggests they visit Dr. Suresh so he can study Peter and hopefully provide him a cure. There's a knock on the door and Nathan's campaign manager opens the door to tell Nathan that he has a flight to Las Vegas. Nathan finds Peter's turned invisible and Peter exits through a different door.

Mr. Bennet talks to his wife.

Mr. Bennet returns to his hotel room. Mrs. Bennet tells him that the flood in their basement has turned into a good vacation for them and that Claire's off at a cheerleading retreat. Mr. Bennet tells her that he needs to take a trip and that he'll return as soon as he can. Mrs. Bennet walks up to him and turns on a radio. Beneath the music she whispers and tells him that he can't go. When he asks why she's whispering she explains it's because he told her to the day before. She tells him that he told her to pretend that she didn't remember anything that happened and that he told her everything about who he is, who he works for, and what happened with Claire. He asks if she knows where Claire is, but she doesn't. She just knows that he was protecting her and to give him a message he left in case he ever tried to go after her. She hands him the message which says that Claire is safe and not to go after her. He remarks that it's written in his own handwriting. He tells her that no one can know about this and she tells him that she knows how to play dumb. There's a knock at the door and Candice tells him that Isaac tried to reach him about the situation with Simone.

In Mohinder's apartment, Sylar, still impersonating Zane Taylor, looks over the list. Mohinder tells him that he wants to run Sylar's DNA sample against Chandra's formula. Mohinder explains that he doesn't know what the formula is looking for exactly. Sylar asks if his DNA helped at all, but Mohinder tells him it didn't. Sylar suggests that he take a break since he's been driving all night, but Mohinder tells him that they need to be warned about Sylar quickly. Sylar takes a post-it off the map with Isaac Mendez's name on it and offers to call him for Mohinder. Sylar tells Mohinder that he used to feel very alone, but that Mohinder has given him hope. Sylar tries to call Isaac, but the line is busy. Mohinder hands Sylar a cup of tea and Sylar offers a toast to new friends. Sipping his tea, Sylar asks who they're going to call next. Mohinder tells him that they're not calling anyone because he's already found who he's looking for. Mohinder tells Sylar that he knows who he is. Sylar drops his drugged cup of tea and falls unconscious.

Nathan arrives at the casino in Las Vegas to find Hiro sitting outside disappointed. When Hiro notices him he gets up to yell "flying man," but Nathan manages to cover Hiro's mouth before he can. Nathan asks if Hiro is still trying to steal the sword and also asks where Ando is. Hiro tells him he sent Ando home because it was getting too dangerous. Hiro asks Nathan for his help in getting past casino security. Nathan tells the security guard that Hiro is making a delivery from him to Mr. Linderman. Nathan tells the guard that he looks like he's been around long enough to know what happens when Mr. Linderman doesn't get something he's expecting. The guard tells Nathan that Hiro can take the delivery to the curator.

At an airport in Texas, Claire complains about the new identity she's been given a passport for. The Haitian tells her that he doesn't care if she's happy, only that she's safe. She complains that once she gets on the plane everything she is will disappear. The Haitian tells her that there's no one left here for her to trust and that she cannot see Peter Petrelli. She asks why she can't hide in New York with him and The Haitian tells her that Peter's not in a position to take care of her or even himself. Claire shows her boarding pass and identification and gets past security. When prompted for his pass and identification, the Haitian is unable to find his and is blocked from going any farther. Claire keeps walking and dumps The Haitian's passport and boarding pass into a trash can.

Candice uses her ability.

At Isaac's apartment the police knock at the door. He answers the door and the police show him a picture of Simone and ask if he's seen her lately. Isaac explains that they broke up recently and the police tell him that they received an anonymous call that she may be injured. They ask to look around, but then Simone shows up at the door and asks what's happening. Seeing Simone the police apologize for taking up Isaac's time and leave. Isaac marvels that Simone is alive. Mr. Bennet enters the apartment and upon seeing Simone remarks that she's quite useful. Candice drops her illusion, revealing she's not really Simone, while Simone's dead body reappears on Isaac's bed. Mr. Bennet tells Isaac that Candice is special like Isaac. He tells Isaac that as far as anyone else is concerned Simone is traveling Europe indefinitely and that a crew is coming to clean up the mess in the apartment. He asks how he's supposed to pretend he never killed Simone and Candice suggests he should have thought about that before shooting her. Candice asks what's wrong, uses her power to appear as Simone, then asks if he'd like to shoot her again. At Mr. Bennet's order Candice drops the illusion and leaves the apartment. Isaac tells Mr. Bennet that he doesn't know what to do. Mr. Bennet tells him to keep painting.

Jessica and Micah play a video game. Jessica asks Micah if he wants to play another game, but Micah needs to leave or risk being late for the bus. Jessica tells him that he won't learn anything in school that he doesn't already know. Jessica speaks to Niki in the mirror and tells her that she is a better Niki than Niki is. D.L. enters the room and shows her a picture of Nathan Petrelli which he said he found on his pillow. Jessica tells him that she didn't put it there. D.L. complains that they're not supposed to have any secrets and asks what Mr. Linderman has her doing with Nathan. Jessica claims that Mr. Linderman called and just asked her to be a dealer. She tells him to trust her and that she won't do anything she doesn't want to do. Jessica looks into a mirror and asks Niki if she left the picture of Nathan for D.L. to find.

Sylar wakes up and points out that he can't feel his fingers. Mohinder tells him that the curare paralyzes the brain so Sylar can't control his abilities. Sylar claims that Mohinder has the wrong man, but Mohinder shows Sylar a newspaper article that says Zane Taylor was killed three days ago, when Mohinder first met Sylar. Mohinder calls Sylar a parasite and takes out a tuning fork. He strikes the tuning fork and places it next to Sylar's ear causing agony due to Sylar's recently acquired enhanced hearing. Mohinder pressures Sylar to admit who he is. Mohinder tells Sylar that the only thing to do with a parasite is to kill it before it kills any more. Mohinder takes a gun from the desk. Sylar tells Mohinder that both he and Chandra were murderers. Mohinder claims he's a scientist. Sylar laughs and tells him that Chandra used to say that, too, despite continuing to lead Sylar to his victims. Mohinder tells Sylar that his father didn't know Sylar was a murderer. Sylar claims that he knew but that he didn't stop because they were making so much progress. Mohinder tells Sylar that he doesn't know anything about his father, and Sylar tells Mohinder that he knows everything because Chandra confided in him. Sylar claims that Chandra gave up on Mohinder and adored Sylar and asks which of them is the true parasite. Mohinder tells Sylar that his father identified him as Patient Zero and that Sylar may be the key to figuring out the formula. He takes a large syringe and tells Sylar that he's going to take a sample of his spinal fluid and that it's going to hurt. Mohinder proceeds as Sylar screams in pain.

Hiro arrives in Linderman's museum and hands the painting over to the curator who notes that it's been ripped and repaired with Scotch tape. Hiro asks for a receipt for the delivery. When the curator leaves the room Hiro searches the computer for the sword. He finds it and a drawer opens on the wall. Hiro pushes a ladder over, climbs, and tries to take the sword. The curator returns and tells Hiro that there are 754 security guards in the hotel with instructions to come immediately if he pushes a button he shows Hiro. He then pushes the button initiating a lockdown. A security guard arrives. The curator tells the guard that Hiro tried to steal from Mr. Linderman. The guard turns out to be Ando who knocks out the curator. Ando tells Hiro that he's been following him. They both barricade the door in an effort to keep the other guards out.

At the casino Nathan speaks into his wire and tells the FBI that Mr. Linderman will be meeting with him in about an hour. The FBI agents monitor the audio from a hotel room in the casino when Jessica barges into the room pointing a gun a them. She greets the agents by name and tells them that Linderman sends his regards. She also suggests to them not to run surveillance on a man from inside his own hotel. Jessica tells them to kick their guns over and to get down on their knees. She fires twice.

Mohinder makes a breakthrough and finds four separate genes responsible for special abilities. With this new information he claims he can create a new list and save the members of the list. Sylar asks if he shouldn't be saved as well and claims to merely be a victim of what happened to him. He asks for salvation before becoming frustrated and screaming that he wants the list so he can find the people on it. Sylar claims that evolution is a part of nature and that nature kills. Mohinder tells Sylar that what he's done is murder and that what he's doing is revenge. He shoots Sylar in the head, but Sylar telekinetically stops the bullet before it reaches him. After the bullet falls to the ground Sylar tells Mohinder that he wasn't pleading for his own life, but instead offering Mohinder his life. Sylar telekinetically removes the straps holding his hands down and points out that Mohinder was so determined that he didn't even notice that Sylar had stopped the IV that was keeping his powers paralyzed. Sylar tells Mohinder that Mohinder might actually do some good before he dies.

Isaac looks through some of his old sketchings. He pulls a shelf away from the wall and hidden behind it finds a hollowed out book with drug paraphernalia inside. Isaac gets high on heroin and uses his power to begin painting.

Nathan arrives in his room to find Niki waiting for him with a gun. Niki pulls off Nathan's wire and tells him it could have gotten him killed. She tells him she doesn't know how much time they have before Jessica, the woman sent after him, comes back. She tells Nathan that Mr. Linderman knows about the FBI and the wire. Nathan tells her that the FBI can hear their conversation and she tells them that they're dead and that Linderman knows that Nathan has turned on him.

Mr. Bennet returns to the hotel and is greeted by Mrs. Bennet. She tells him that she convinced the hotel to let Mr. Muggles stay in the room. Mr. Bennet turns on the water and she tells him that she's been paranoid recently thinking that people are watching her and waiting for her to slip up. She asks him if he found her and he tells her that he can't or else they'll be able to extract the information from him and find Claire. He tells her that they have to keep pretending they don't know what happened to Claire so that she'll be safe. He tells her that the Company has to be stopped. A phone rings and Mrs. Bennet goes and picks it up. She returns and tells the other party that "he is going to be a problem." Thompson and a few other agents of the Company arrive. Candice drops her illusion revealing that she was impersonating Mrs. Bennet.

Hiro takes the sword from the display and shouts "Yatta!" Ando tells Hiro not to worry about him and to just teleport out. Hiro refuses and says they're both going. He holds onto Ando and moments later they disappear, as Linderman's thugs burst into the room. They teleport to the Deveaux Building rooftop in the future and observe skyscrapers being rebuilt in New York City. Hiro claims that they didn't manage to stop the explosion and that they failed.

Claire arrives at Peter Petrelli's apartment and knocks on the door. Angela answers the door and Claire asks if this is Peter's address. Angela tells her that he's not here right now, but asks her to come in and addresses her by name. Inside the apartment The Haitian is also waiting. They speak to each other in French. Claire asks Angela who she is, and Angela reveals to Claire that she's her grandmother and that she's been trying to protect her. She remarks that Claire is quite stubborn... just like her father.

Niki explains to Nathan that Mr. Linderman hired Jessica to kill the FBI agents and keep Nathan under control. She tells him that Mr. Linderman's going to offer him a deal which he needs to accept. He is reluctant, but when Niki offers him the choice of running Nathan tells her he can't do that and offers a third option: killing Mr. Linderman. Niki gives him her gun and tells him to knock her out, so that Jessica will know she isn't in control. Nathan doesn't understand, but at Niki's insistence punches her in the face.

Nathan is escorted down to the kitchen where he meets Mr. Linderman preparing a pot pie. They make small talk concerning food for a while before Mr. Linderman asks Nathan if he's happy. Nathan tells him that he's got a few things bothering him. Mr. Linderman tells him that he believes there comes a time when a man has to pick between a life of happiness and a life of meaning. Nathan tells him he would like both, but Mr. Linderman claims it's not possible. He claims that to be happy a man needs to live in the present, whereas with a life of meaning a man needs to worry about the past and obsess about the future. Nathan pulls a gun out and Mr. Linderman tells him that now he can't have any of his pot pie. Mr. Linderman tells him that he won't hold this against him as many people have tried to kill him in the past. Nathan tells him that he'll be the last one then. Mr. Linderman tells him that he can pull the trigger and that they can both die, or that he could offer Nathan something. He tells Nathan that there are things he knows about such as Nathan's ability to fly and Peter's current problem. He tells Nathan that he's going to win the election and two years later he will find himself in the White House. Mr. Linderman continues cooking and Nathan lowers his gun.

Peter enters Mohinder's apartment looking for Mohinder. He calls out for Mohinder but gets no answer. He looks around and eventually feels blood drip down onto his head. Looking up he finds Mohinder attached to the ceiling, slowly bleeding. In shock Mohinder manages to utter the name Sylar. Peter turns around to find Sylar. Sylar tells Peter that he remembers him and telekinetically forces him against the wall. He grabs Peter by the jaw and examines him while commenting that Peter is like him. He tells Peter he'd like to see how that works and begins telekinetically slicing Peter's head open. Peter screams as blood and hair fall to the floor.

Memorable Quotes

"Don't spy on a man from inside his own hotel. It's just tacky."

-Jessica to the FBI agents.

"You have no idea how alone I used to feel; how insignificant. You've given me hope."

"Hope is great. We need caffeine."

- Sylar, Mohinder

"I'm a natural progression of the species. Evolution is a part of nature and nature kills. Simple, right?"

"What you've done isn't evolution, it's murder. What I am doing is revenge."

- Sylar, Mohinder

"Give me that damn list so I can sink my teeth in!"

- Sylar, (to Mohinder)

"Are you happy Nathan?"

"Not especially. I guess I have a few issues that plague me."

"Oh dear. I'm sorry to hear that. You see I think there comes a time when a man has to ask himself, whether he wants a life of happiness, or a life of meaning."

"I'd like to have both."

"Can't be done. Two very different paths. To be truly happy, a man must live absolutely in the present. No thought of what's gone before and no thought of what lies ahead. But, a life of meaning, a man is condemned to wallow in the past and obsess about the future."

- Linderman, Nathan

"I remember you... You're like me aren't you? I'd like to see how that works."

- Sylar, (to Peter Petrelli)

"Now you can't have any of my pot pie."

- Mr. Linderman (to Nathan)


  • This episode aired a day early on March 4, 2007 on GlobalTV in some parts of Canada.
  • NBC officially shortened the episode name from "Like Any Parasite" to just "Parasite".

Character Appearances


  • All main characters appear in this episode.
  • Jessica and Micah are shown playing Heavenly Sword for the Playstation 3. However, the episode takes place in late October or early November 2006, before the Playstation 3 was released (on November 17, 2006), and Heavenly Sword wasn't released until mid 2007.
  • The Haitian speaks French twice without subtitles, including once with Angela Petrelli:
    • When on the phone: "Yeah I've got the girl. What do you want me to do? I see... Marseille."
    • When at Peter's, in an ironic tone of voice, Mrs. Petrelli repeats what the Haitian told her: "At least now she will be safe" and adds: "But not thanks to you!" which the Haitian answers to with: "Listen, I did all I could. She would've found her own way sooner or later anyway."
  • The catalog number of the Kensei sword Linderman's archives is CRM-114, a number which is used in many Stanley Kubrick films including A Clockwork Orange, in which serum 114 is used to assist in brainwashing. Orange stars Malcolm McDowell, who portrays Mr. Linderman. This reference was mentioned on Heroes Interactive.
  • The scene in which Isaac returns from his trance-like state to his normal state was used before in Unexpected.
  • The scene with the aerial view of Las Vegas was used before in Collision.
  • Before the introduction, Masi Oka (Hiro) says the usual "Previously on Heroes." However, the screen text is written in Japanese.
  • The title card in this episode is the first to appear without quotation marks around it.

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