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Timeline:October 2006

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Timeline edit

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October 1, 2006


  • Mohinder Suresh has traveled to New York to claim his father's body.(Monsters)
  • In New York Peter Petrelli is awoken by Simone Deveaux as she visits her father, Peter is his nurse.
  • In Las Vegas, Niki Sanders performs for and chats with Huggerz69. She leaves to wake her son, Micah for school, he sits in his room building a computer. They leave through the back door as two men break in at the front.
  • In Odessa, Texas, Claire Bennet's attempts to test her ability are videotaped by Zach.
  • Meredith Gordon helps her brother Flint to escape from the Primatech facility. They board a train but Thompson attempts to stop them. The Gordons' pyrokinesis causes the train's cargo to ignite and explode, causing a train wreck. (Villains)
  • Peter arrives at his brother Nathan's campaign headquarters and tells him about his dreams of flying.
    • Outside Nathan gets a call that their mother, Angela has been arrested for shoplifting.
  • Nathan chastises his mother for getting arrested in the middle of his campaign to become a senator.
    • He leaves after the charges of stealing socks are dropped.
  • At Micah's school, Niki meets with Micah's principal about the tuition money.
    • Niki loses her temper and leaves, telling Micah that they'll go elsewhere. She see's her reflection act strangely.
  • Walking home, Claire and Zach come across a train wreck.
  • As Thompson leads Meredith away after the train wreck, he asks why she distrusts the Company, and she replies that they killed her daughter. Realizing who Meredith's daughter is, Thompson lets her go, as below them Claire Bennet races into the burning train wreck. (Villains)
    • Claire rescues a trapped victim and runs away after a firefighter notices she has no burn wounds.
  • Niki later drops Micah off at Tina's house.
    • She tells her about her debt to Linderman and about how Niki suspects that they are being followed.
  • In New York, as Simone arrives at Isaac Mendez's loft, he is busy defacing his paintings.
    • He tells her he was high on Heroin when he painted them, before showing her a painting he made three weeks prior, telling her the events in the painting happened yesterday.
  • Back at Nathan's campaign headquarters, he offers Peter a job but he declines.
    • Outside, Peter takes a cab; Mohinder is the driver. Peter asks him about the potential of Evolution.
  • As Claire and Zach walk home, Peter and Mohinder drive, and Niki returns to her home; they all watch the eclipse.
    • Niki is captured by Linderman's thugs. They force her to strip but then seemingly knock her out.
  • Elle and Mr. Bennet attend the crime scene of one of Sylar's murders in New York. Bennet calls the Company, saying he has a few more loose ends to tie up, he leaves Elle and enters Mohinder's cab, as Peter leaves it.
  • At home Claire tells her mother that she 'walked through fire and didn't get burned' but Sandra thinks Claire is being metaphorical.
  • Elle goes to Zach's home to get the tape but Noah and The Haitian save Zach, they wipe both his and Elle's memories before he takes the tape himself. (Elle's First Assignment, Part 2)
  • At Charles Deveaux's home, Simone asks Peter to accompany her to Isaac's loft so he can administer a shot to him.
  • Later on Mr Bennet returns home and hugs his daughter, Claire.
  • Peter and Simone arrive at Isaac's loft; he's overdosed. Peter finds a painting of himself flying.
    • Isaac points to a mural on the floor that he painted of an explosion in New York City.

The Caged Bird, Part 1

October 2, 2006

Don't Look Back

Hiro plays with time
  • Early morning of October 2 in Tokyo (7:42 a.m. local time), the subway is unusually late. Hiro Nakamura, who had been wishing hard for the train not to arrive, is intrigued that he might have caused the incident with his mind. (Hiro's blog)
  • In Tokyo (1:47 p.m. local time, 12:47 a.m. EDT), Hiro Nakamura succeeds in making time go back. He rejoices and tells his friend Ando before being dragged back to his desk. Ando is on Niki's website. (Genesis)
  • Later, Hiro watches the eclipse during exercise at work. (Genesis)
  • In Tokyo, Hiro and Ando are at a bar after work. Hiro teleports himself into the women's bathroom. He is duly thrown out where Ando chastises him. Later (11:43 p.m. local time, 10:43 a.m. EDT), while riding the subway, Hiro teleports himself to New York, NY in the future. He teleports back to the subway and not a minute has passed. (Genesis)
  • Peter attempts to fly by leaping off of a building; Nathan flies up and tries to catch him, but Peter slips. (Genesis)
  • Claire reads a newspaper article about the train wreck. The paper is dated October 2nd.
  • Niki Sanders wakes up, and finds that Linderman's thugs have been murdered.
    • She speaks with Micah, and says she'll be there in 5 minutes. She attempts to watch the tape and blacks out again.
    • She gets another call, now 4 hours have passed.
  • Mohinder returns to his apartment and finds an unwelcome visitor, the exterminator. They fight, and Mohinder meets his neighbor Eden.
  • Officer Ramsford is interviewing the cheerleaders, because one of them rescued the firefighter from the train crash. Jackie claims it was her.
  • Peter is in the hospital, after being injured in the fall
  • Matt Parkman is standing patrol outside of the Walkers' murder scene. This is the first distinct instance of his power of telepathy.
  • That night, Niki buries the bodies of Linderman's thugs in the desert. She finds the bodies of D.L.'s crew, specifically a skull ring.

October 3, 2006

  • Peter confronts Nathan about their shared ability to fly. Nathan denies it, but Peter proceeds to levitate about 3 feet above the ground. (Don't Look Back)

October 4, 2006

One Giant Leap

  • Peter confronts Nathan at his campaign headquarters about how he can no longer fly.
    • Sometime after, Nathan Petrelli secretly uses his power of flight to rescue a woman from a burning building. (Trial By Fire)
  • Niki finds a clue related to her estranged husband's disappearance and confronts her mother-in-law.
  • Claire goes to a football bonfire for the upcoming football game against Bishop, where she is "killed" after being impaled by a branch.
  • Hiro talks to Ando about his experience traveling through time.
"Where have you been the last two days?" "I teleported myself in the future!"--Ando, Hiro
  • Peter struggles to discover the nature of his powers.
  • Mohinder and Eden make a gruesome discovery about Sylar that could have implications for Nathan.
  • Matt aids the FBI in the search for Sylar, then falls prey to a mysterious stranger at a bar.
  • Simone calls things off with Isaac and becomes closer to Peter.

October 5, 2006


  • Matt awakens to find himself face-to-face with Mr. Bennet and the mysterious man from the bar.
  • Claire recovers from her autopsy and returns to school, where a discovery about Brody prompts her to seek revenge.
    • After Claire nearly kills Brody in a car accident, she is forced to rescue him before the car explodes. Brody witnesses her healing ability. (Aftermath)
  • Hiro and Ando explore Las Vegas, but are sidetracked from their mission.
  • Niki meets with Linderman's assistant and works out an arrangement.
  • Mohinder tries to warn Nathan, then receives an unexpected visit from Peter.
  • Nathan and Niki meet as Linderman planned, but when Niki gets cold feet her alter-ego takes over.
  • Isaac's paintings begin to show a pending threat targeting his fellow heroes.
  • When time grinds to a halt, Peter receives a surprise visitor.

October 6, 2006


Nathan Petrelli checks out of the Montecito Casino on October 6th
  • At "Future Hiro's" urging, Peter and Isaac come together and begin to formulate a plan.
  • Nathan escapes from Mr. Bennet, meets Hiro, and realizes he's been blackmailed.
  • While Claire recovers from the car accident unscathed as always, when her father becomes involved Brody isn't as fortunate.
  • Matt uses his powers to give his wife a perfect day, but is later overwhelmed by them.
  • Hiro and Ando realize they will need each other to complete their mission.
  • Just when Niki is finally free of her debt to Mr. Linderman, a new menace crops up: her estranged husband, D.L.

October 7, 2006

Better Halves

  • After Peter delivers his message to Hiro, he and Isaac realize there is a missing painting in the "comic panel".
  • Hiro and Ando are roped in by the high roller they cheated.
  • D.L. tells Niki he was framed, and that he can prove it.
  • Claire's meeting with her birth parents doesn't live up to her expectations.
  • When Hiro and Ando get cold feet just in time to avoid a bloodbath, Hiro becomes worried that he has failed as a hero.
  • After D.L. and Niki arrive at the money launderer's place to find everyone torn apart, Niki confesses what happened with Linderman's thugs.
  • When Mohinder prepares to go home to India to scatter his father's ashes, Eden refuses to say goodbye.
  • Niki's alter-ego finally reveals herself.

October 8, 2006

Nothing to Hide

  • Peter dreams about Charles Deveaux just as Simone arrives at his apartment with news of her father's death.
  • Zach arrives at the Bennet household with the lost tape. Claire leaves it on the kitchen counter.
  • Nikki wakes to find Micah and D.L. gone, she pleads with Jessica to help her find them.
  • Matt discovers that Janice has a secret, he leaves for work before finding out what it is.
  • Nikki tells Tina about Micah's disappearance and Jessica.
  • Lyle see's the tape of Claire healing. She convinces him not to tell their parents.
  • Audrey Hanson and Matt run the prints found on a charred corpse, they match Theodore Sprague; Audrey believes this to be Sylar.
  • D.L rescues a woman from a burning car. Hiro and Ando watch with Micah. Hiro stops time when the car explodes and moves D.L and the woman to safety.
  • Nathan, Angela, and Heidi have brunch with a reporter. When he reveals Nathan's affair with a Blonde woman in Vegas, Peter covers for him.
  • D.L and Micah drive away from the rescue scene as the police arrive.
  • Matt and Audrey enter Theodore Sprague's home to find high levels of radiation, they both leave quickly.
    • After finding a cancer drug inside prescribed to Karen Sprague they visit her at the hospital.
      • Here they find Ted, he takes a nurse hostage, burning her with his ability but let's her go when Matt reads his wife's mind, relaying to him her final thoughts and memories of him.
  • Nikki calls Nathan for help but he hangs up on her. Jessica takes over and leaves, telling Tina that Nikki doesn't need her help anymore.
  • Matt calls his wife but gets her voicemail, she listens to his message at home.
  • Nathan arrives at Peter's apartment and they discuss the painting he wants. Nathan tells Peter about his kidnapping.
  • Audrey watches as Ted is processed.
  • Matt notices strange marks on his neck. In the police locker room he hears the thoughts of his friend Tom McHenry.
    • He punches Tom upon hearing that he slept with Matt's wife, he is pulled away by fellow officers.
  • Outside a motel Micah calls his mom but Jessica picks up. Micah reveals his and D.L's whereabouts.
  • D.L takes the phone and asks Micah if he was talking to his mom, Micah denies this. Jessica loads a gun.
  • Matt goes on patrol to clear his head. He intercepts an armed robbery suspect, and uses his power of telepathy to avoid pedestrians and apprehend the robber. (Control)

October 9, 2006

Seven Minutes to Midnight

  • When Mohinder returns to India for his father's funeral, he seems content to stay, until he begins to have unsettling dreams.
  • With Eden's help, Isaac seems to have kicked his heroin habit, but Mr. Bennet's needs jeopardize his efforts.
  • When Matt and Audrey question Ted, Matt begins to discover answers to his own memory lapse.
  • Ando and Hiro arrive at the diner.
  • Charlie is murdered by Sylar in the diner.
  • Hiro travels to the past to rescue Charlie.
  • Ted escapes the FBI.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

  • Noah Bennet and Lauren Gilmore have a brief affair, but she decides to have her memory wiped by the Haitian.
  • Hiro comes back from 2009 to save Charlie. He talks his past self into going back in time to rescue Charlie, asks Ando to wait for Past Hiro's return, and blackmails Sylar into removing Charlie's brain clot.
  • Hiro tells Sylar that he will kill many evolved humans and collect their powers, but will end up dying alone. Sylar hears the Wildcats cheerleaders and begins his journey after Claire.
  • Charlie at first dismisses Hiro, walking away saying she was getting used to the idea of dying and describing the journey to save her as selfish.
  • Noah meets Future Hiro as they both lament what happened through the day. After Noah leaves, Charlie comes in, apologizes to Hiro and says she wants to travel with him.
  • Arnold appears and transports Charlie to 1944 Milwaukee. (Brave New World)
  • As Hiro goes outside and notices Charlie had disappeared, he sees Samuel, who orders him to teleport the duo back to the carnival in 2009.

October 10, 2006


October 11, 2006


  • Hiro enters the Burnt Toast Diner, greets Ando, and sadly explains that he could not save Charlie from her fate.
  • When Matt and Audrey follow up on a lead in the Sylar case, Matt discovers problems with his abilities that he has experienced before.
  • As Peter is held for questioning, he continues to have strange dreams.
  • When Claire tells her father the truth, he reveals he already knew of her abilities, even before she did.
  • Mr. Bennet and his organization imprison Sylar in a maximum protection cell.
  • Hiro and Ando finally meet up with a rehabilitated Isaac.
  • When Jessica's actions threaten Micah, Niki makes a tough decision.
  • Eden decides to take matters into her own hands.
  • After Eden kills herself, Mr. Bennet and the Haitian tranquilize Sylar and re-capture him. (Fathers & Daughters)

October 12-22, 2006

October 16th, 2006

October 23rd-27th, 2006

October 27th, 2006

October 29th, 2006

  • Ted finds the building where the needles used on him were made. He finds out the needles were used to inject an isotope into him so he could be tracked wherever he goes. He leaves the building burning. (How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?, Part 2)
  • Ted lays flowers on his wife's grave. He meets Matt at the cemetery with Hana. Ted tells Matt he needs his help to read Noah's mind to find out why he injected them. (Unexpected)
  • Hana thinks Ted is too set on getting revenge and not answers. She leaves them behind to head to Odessa in search of Noah's bosses. (The Path of the Righteous)

October 30th, 2006

October 31st, 2006

Company Man

  • Ted and Matt break into Noah's home and wait for him to return.
    • Upon the Bennet family's return, both Ted and Matt confront them with a gun to hold them hostage with.
  • Matt hears Claire's thoughts about The Haitian wiping their memories.
    • Matt reads her mind and realizes they both know Peter, and that Claire has the ability to heal.
  • Ted attacks Noah but Matt pulls him off. He threatens to kill Sandra.
    • Before Ted can do so Noah and Claire telepathically tell Matt to shoot Claire instead, which he does. Sandra cries by Claire's body.
      • Matt and Noah move Claire up to her room before she regenerates in front of Ted.
  • Downstairs Lyle tries to attack Ted with a baseball bat but Ted detains him and ties he and his mother up.
  • Noah and Matt head to Primatech to get a tranquilizer to take Ted down with.
  • Noah interrogates The Haitian about why never erased Claire's memories. He says he answers to a higher authority.
  • Ted goes to check on Claire, finding she has gone missing, while he's upstairs she is able to free Lyle.
    • As Claire and Sandra try to escape Ted stops them and burns Claire's neck, Sandra see's her regenerate.
      • Ted ties them back up.
  • Noah and Matt arrive back and distract Ted while The Haitian frees Claire and Sandra.
    • Noah tells Ted there is no cure for his power.
  • Thompson enters and shoots Ted in the shoulder making him lose control of his power.
    • Matt and Thompson escape but Noah is trapped inside. Claire enters and sedates Ted as Matt returns and rescues Noah.
  • Claire emerges from the house after an explosion, she heals as she does so.
    • Thompson see's this.
  • At Primatech Ted and Matt are sedated, Candice performs tests on Matt.
    • Noah has tricked Thompson into believing he didn't know about Claire's power, instead blaming The Haitian. He says he'll bring Claire in now.
  • After Thompson instructs him to bring Claire to the Company, Mr. Bennet messages Hana a file name in order to take down the Company. (Family Man)
  • Claire and Noah drive together and stop on a bridge where they meet The Haitian.
    • Noah has The Haitian shoot him and erase his memory so that the Company can't track Claire or suspect Noah of enabling her escape.
  • That night Hana travels on Highway 40 in search of the file to bring down the company. She sleeps with an old friend in order to steal his pass to infiltrate The Pentagon, which she does. (War Buddies, Part 1)

October 24-31, 2006


The Fix




Timeline edit

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