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December 2009

2013 or later

The Bank

  • Chandler Smithson attempts to open a safety deposit box at the Chicago National Bank.
  • Chandler discovers that Elizabeth Castle, a high school classmate, works as a teller at the bank.
  • Lord Noh reveals to Pyro that there are two more tests before Pyro can lead the Congregation, the first of which is to rob the bank.
  • Chandler is burned to death by Pyro.

Déjà Vu

  • Chandler presumably discovers his ability, after regenerating from Pyro's attack.
  • Chandler distracts Noh and Pyro long enough for Elizabeth to alert the police and escape.
    • The CPD investigates the bank robbery as part of the Congregation investion. Lieutenant Caine begins to suspect Elizabeth of being an inside man. (Turning Point)
  • After Chandler flees, Noh presents Pyro with his final test -- capturing Chandler.

The Chase
Two weeks later

  • Chandler goes on a vacation to his family in Pensacola, Florida.
  • Pyro begins his final test by tracking Chandler to a gas station.
  • Bill and eighteen others are crushed to death.
    • The CPD investigates here, making connections with the Congregation investion, and finding Chandler's blood. (Turning Point)


  • Pyro and his friends attack Chandler, but Chandler retaliates.
  • Chandler kills a flying man with a headshot.
  • Lord Noh kills Jimmy by breaking his neck.
  • A terrakinetic is killed in a landslide.
    • The CPD investigates these crimes, finding Chandler's wrecked car and rounds from his gun. (Turning Point)
  • Lord Noh captures Chandler to interrogate him about the investigation.

One week later

  • While torturing Chandler for information, Lord Noh reveals the investigation to him.
  • Chandler realizes that Noh murdered his mother.
  • Chandler squashes Dredger and commits arson.
    • The CPD investigates here, finding Chandler's blood and suspecting him of the arson. (Turning Point)


  • Matthew Smithson reveals the true nature of his wife's murder to his son Chandler.
  • A half-hour video conference is conducted between Chandler, Matthew, and Pyro.

Turning Point
One week later

  • At the Chicago Police Department, Lt. Caine interrogates Chandler, Elizabeth, and Matthew as part of the Congregation investigation.
    • Chandler refuses to speak, despite the mounds of evidence against him.
    • Elizabeth is accused of being the inside man at the bank robbery, and requests a lawyer.
    • Matthew refuses to speak about the video conference between his son and Pyro, and is arrested.
  • Pyro turns himself in to the police.

Three days later

  • Noh threatens the witnesses in the investigation.
  • Lt. Caine prepares to transport them to secure locations, but Chandler and Pyro allow the other to escape. Pyro destroys the evidence against them and escapes, but Chandler is arrested.

10 days later

  • In prison, Chandler reveals everything he knows about the Congregation to Lt. Caine, leading them to Laug Wolfe.
  • Wolfe's sabotage against the CPD allows Chandler to escape.

Approx. 30 hours later

  • Noh takes Elizabeth hostage.