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He Who Dares
Volume: One
Episode Number: 110
First aired: August, 2010
Terrakinesis in 418 (6).JPG
Written by: Danko
Directed by: Danko
Previous episode: At All Costs



Special locating machine · Terrakinesis · Precognition


The radiant colours of the sunset shone down onto the complex as the final few scientists drove out of the main gate. Hornby centre had been in use for nearly 3 years, its distinctive and monolithic large metal dish dominated the area, the shiny antenna gleamed in the sun’s rays from it as another week drew to a close.

Following the last car departing and checking of the security system, a exceptional silence could be heard following the gentle hum of the myriad of machinery coming to a halt. A man broke cover outside the outer wall.

It was not hard to avoid detection when you could move the ground, but the last thing Jake Leckie wanted was to be discovered. He was on a mission, he was to fulfill what he had seen.

Ed, Rosie, Embry and Minerva gathered around Connor and his step-dad, watching as Tamir stirred on a bed in Connor’s house. Connor had a yen to shake and wake him up, they needed to know where Leckie was, who knows what destruction was to occur, he could see the future and Connor knew they needed an even footing.

"Tamir" he whispered cautiously; having his ability replicated and a man murdered in front of him was not what the doctor meant in telling him to take things easy.

Slowly and without verve, Tamir’s eyes flicked open. The lassitude could be seen and he tuned to face his step-son, with tacit relief.

"We need to know". Connor began imperiously, "where’s Leckie?" Tamir’s eyes opened wildly before turning a bright white. Minerva jumped backwards and the others moved in.

Twenty minutes later they were on the road. "Right", Connor addressed his retinue just as the car made another reckless swerve with Ed at the wheel. "We’ll have very little time so we’ve got to find and stop Leckie as soon as we can".

Ed looked out of his window ahead a metal and automated gate stood between them and Hornby Centre, he clenched his fist and the red light flashed before the doors swung open.

The car raced inside the complex, along the ‘5mph’ road and towards the large building with it's imposing indolent structure. Without warning the car cataclysmically flew off the path and rolled continuously over the grassy terrain.

Connor sat up stunned and dazed by the virulent warning Leckie had sent. He clambered out of the upturned vehicle before cognizant that he was not alone. Looking back he saw Minerva and Embry shaking their head, "Rosie" he muttered.

"Yep", came a voice and from behind a passenger seat, she pulled herself towards the open air. He smiled but she nodded towards Ed, Connor looked to see his bloody and unmoving body in the driver seat.

As Rosie gave a muffled sob, the dull sound of starting machinery could be heard. The four stepped away from what was very nearly their metal coffins, and ran towards the large dish. The unmistakable figure of Leckie could be seen beside it.

"Why is he operating the …" Connor began to speak, but another shockwave was sent along the ground, Rosie, instinctively flew into the air, but before the other three could be swept away, Minerva raised both hands to stop the wall of earth coming towards them.

Embry and Connor attempted to use their abilities in an attempt to draw Leckie into combat, but the range was too great, as he stood overlooking them on the roof balcony next to the dish, sparks flitted between him and the equipment.

Rosie flew towards him, but Leckie had another trick as she hurtled upwards in a rash attempt to foil him. He waved his hand, grinning threateningly, causing strong gusts of wind began to force her back.

Back on the ground, Minerva’s strength waned as she held back her own destructive ability. The wall of rock moved steadily closer to her, Connor and Embry, despite her best attempts to hold back the offensive.

"How is he doing this?" She called to Connor, she could not hold on much longer. Connor stared up at him and saw his hand on the engine beside him.

"Of course", he muttered nonchalantly, staring up at Leckie. "Exploding the phone, the dish, magnified abilities! Minerva he’s using the dish to amplify his abilities".

She stared back as she took in the revelation.

Back at the top, Leckie smiled as the flying girl desperately tried to avoid being swept away. Just behind him came a grunt, and Leckie span around.

SMACK! Ed punched him full on in the face, Leckie had time to register who its was before he was knocked onto the floor. Regaining his senses, Leckie lunged forward, tackling Ed, who staggered backward, towards the handrail of the balcony.

Connor tried to make out what was going on, but Leckie’s concentration had been lost and that meant they could reach him, he whistled to Rosie, whilst the two figures grappled by the edge of the roof.

Leckie feinted with his left, before thumping Ed in the stomach with his right, who dropped down on all fours, badly bruised and breathing heavily.

"You thought you could beat me", Leckie smirked, looking over Ed. "Your gonna’ go followed by all ‘a’ Bournemouth".

Ed looked up to see the mad, nefarious look in his eye. "There’s one thing, you don’t get".

"And what’s that?"

"What goes around, comes around". And with that the dish swiveled round, Leckie didn’t had time to gulp before the antenna caught him in the gut, knocking him back to earth.

Ed looked over the edge to see the bloodstained body of Leckie at the foot of the building. He gave a dazed smile as he saw Connor and Rosie landed beside him. The pair rushed over to Ed, whose pain suddenly came rushing back as the adrenaline dropped.

"We did it". Ed grinned before passing out.



Many hours later, two men in dark suits arrived at the complex, the police would not investigate until morning, so they drove towards the building to take what was theirs.

Leckie lay moribund on the ground, breathing slowly. His eyes flashed back from white to the dark pupils and he swore in shock.

The two men walked up to him and brought out a taser, "We can’t have that" and they fired.


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