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Exposed future

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Exposed future
Exposed Future.jpg

First mentioned: The Second Coming
Date of event: 2007 - 2011

The "exposed future" refers to several timelines in which the existence of evolved humans is exposed to the the world, and the formula that gives people abilities is accessible by the general public. This future has been presumably averted now that the formula has been destroyed, Arthur killed and Pinehearst and The Company destroyed.


The Second Coming

Four years into the future, Peter is chased into a building, where Claire aims a gun at him. The two argue about the events of the past four years, which include:

  • Nathan telling the world about the existence of evolved humans.
  • Camps being set up to hold evolved humans.
  • People conducting experiments on evolved humans.
  • Peter going into hiding.
  • Peter having the ability of illusion and possession.
  • Peter getting a scar across his face.
  • According to her pin, Claire works for Pinehearst.

Claire shoots at Peter, but Peter stops time, takes her gun, and teleports to March 20, 2007 to stop Nathan's press conference.

In the present day, after Peter stops Nathan's press conference, Angela tells him that he has changed the future for the worse.

Hiro teleports to the future to see what happens if he does not retrieve the formula that was stolen by Daphne. He witnesses a future in which:

The Butterfly Effect

In the present day, Future Peter attempts to create a string web to return to his future. Angela comes into Peter's apartment and asks why he hasn't returned to where he came. Peter tells her that he's busy saving the world, and can't go back yet. Angela tells future Peter that by stopping Nathan's press conference he has let Sylar take Claire's ability. A chain of events happens because of this and eventually lets twelve evolved humans from Level 5 escape. She refers to this change as "the butterfly effect."

I Am Become Death

Future Peter and Present Peter teleport four years into the future, where people fly and everyone can have abilities. During his time in the future, and through Matt's dream, many people are now in different situations than before:

Graphic Novel: Resistance

After a terrorist attack at the Pinehearst Company three years in the future, Claire tries to hunt down the leaders of the attack. At the terrorists' headquarters, she finds her uncle, who is the mastermind of the terror group. After he disappears, she swears revenge on him for what he did.

Our Father

While confronting his father, Peter tells him that giving out abilities will destroy the world. Arthur believes its just Peter's own opinion, but Peter tells Arthur "I've seen it", referencing his trip into the exposed future.


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