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Charles Deveaux's rooftop

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Charles Deveaux's rooftop
Charles deveauxs rooftop.jpg
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Residence

Peter follows Claude to the rooftop of Charles Deveaux's apartment building in New York, NY.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors


The Fix

Peter tells Claude that he needs to learn to control his power like Claude does. Claude tells him it can't be controlled. Peter insists saying that if he doesn't learn to control it then he will explode and destroy New York City. He tells Claude that he feels he met him for a reason: so he could teach him how to stop him from exploding. Claude claims that there's no way to control the powers. Peter tells him that there must be something he can do and Claude offers to kill him and solve his problem. He leaves and tells Peter not to try to find him.


Simone is upset when she sees an unfinished painting of her father's rooftop overlooking a seemingly post-apocalyptic New York City. She fulfills another prophetic painting when she visits Isaac on the rooftop, where he laments that the city he has grown to love is going to be destroyed, and there's nothing he can do to stop it. Simone tells him that he wouldn't have been given his power if there were nothing he could do. Claude and Peter watch the two embrace, and Claude attempts to make Peter realize his power by pushing Peter off the rooftop.


On the roof, Claude teaches Peter to call up and control his absorbed powers. In Isaac's studio, Mr. Bennet names the Deveaux building when referring to a painting with the characteristic Baroque designs. He and the Haitian go to the roof and use thermal imaging goggles to find the invisible Peter and Claude feeding pigeons. They shoot tasers at the two men, but Peter stops time, cancels the momentum of the taser bolts and then unexpectedly flies away, saving Claude.

Company Man

On the roof, Mr. Bennet is instructed by Kaito Nakamura that he will be the surrogate father of Claire, whom they found while trying to find the "firestarter". Claude wishes Bennet "Happy Fathers' Day" in Japanese.


Hiro and Ando teleport and time-travel to the rooftop. It is a year or more after the explosion has ravaged New York City. Already several new skyscrapers are under construction, though incongruously, very little of the ruins have been demolished or cleared.


Hiro and Ando find themselves on the rooftop in dark times. After looking out upon the ruined New York City, they decide to leave to visit Isaac Mendez.

Five Years Gone

Having teleported five years into the future, Hiro and Ando end up on the rooftop and see that New York City has been destroyed. Later, Hiro and Ando teleport back into the present, finding themselves on the rooftop once more. They are delighted to see the New York skyline restored.

The Hard Part

Upon returning to the present, Hiro and Ando find themselves on the rooftop, happy that they have been given a chance to change the future. Hiro stands on the edge of the roof and assures New York City's inhabitants that he will save them.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Peter wakes up in a dream on Charles Deveaux's rooftop. In that dream, he eavesdrops on a conversation between his past self and Simone in which she thanks him for taking care of her father and calls him a hero. Later, he listens to his mother speak with Charles about the impending explosion and about who should save the world. After Angela leaves, Charles tells Peter that he knows he's there. Charles tells Peter that he has the ability to love unconditionally and will save the world. Charles then calls to past-Peter and Peter wakes to Mr. Bennet's voice.

Four Months Later...

Kaito Nakamura and Angela Petrelli meet at the rooftop after they have each received their death threats: A torn photograph with a red symbol taken on the rooftop.Ando is ordered to retrieve a sword for Kaito. Later, Kaito and Angela talk about how one of their former associates has turned against them for a perceived "evil" in their actions. Angela leaves, and an assassin surprises Kaito and pushes him off the rooftop.


On the rooftop, the NYPD questions Ando about Kaito's death. Detective Fuller and Matt Parkman arrive. Fuller briefs Matt on the crime telling him that Kaito fell from the building to the street below and had within his possession a portion of a photograph of himself with the symbol drawn on top. He informs Matt that Ando was a witness and that he saw Kaito being pushed off the building despite there being only one body found.

Fight or Flight

Nathan Petrelli enters a vision of the Explosion Future from the rooftop and encounters his burnt self. They engage in a fight only for Nathan to realize that he is really fighting Matt Parkman while trapped in a nightmare created by Maury Parkman. The whole time, he is somewhere in Maury Parkman's apartment.

Cautionary Tales

One week ago on Charles Deveaux's rooftop, Hiro is listening to Kaito and Angela's conversation about their death threats. When Angela walks away, Hiro reveals himself to Kaito. Hiro tells him that he's been in the time of Takezo Kensei and that Kaito is going to die here tonight. Kaito asks him how he knows this and Hiro tells him he's just come from his funeral. Kaito tells Hiro that is his fate then, but Hiro refuses to listen, saying that he will show him that he felt this way once, teleporting him and Kaito back in time.

Later, Hiro and Kaito return to the rooftop. Hiro says goodbye to his father, and teleports away. Moment later, an assassin arrives to kill Kaito, pushing him off the rooftop. Before Kaito and the killer fall off the rooftop, Hiro stops time to see who is under the hood. Hiro is shocked to discover that it is Takezo Kensei.

Graphic Novel:Sum Quod Sum, Part 2

Claude tells Elle that he has been known to throw his students off tall buildings.

It's Coming

Ando considers bringing Hiro to the Deveaux rooftop to help restore his memory.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Hiro transports himself and Claire to the rooftop in 1992, when Kaito Nakamura entrusts Noah Bennet with the guardianship of the infant Claire. They watch from a greenhouse, with Hiro showing Claire a 9th Wonders! comic to translate their Japanese conversation. Claire is stunned to realize the baby is her.

Our Father

Hiro and Claire watch as Kaito and Noah discuss baby Claire. When Hiro hears his younger self mention his mother, he decides he has to see her. Claire decides to protect her younger self, and arranges to meet Hiro on the rooftop that night. Claire looks out at the New York skyline as Hiro arrives, his memory restored, and Hiro tells her he is carrying the catalyst. Arthur Petrelli appears, throws Claire aside, pulls Hiro to him removing his powers and the catalyst. He then throws Hiro over the ledge and off the building. He sends Claire back to her own time with a message for Angela that he's won and cannot be stopped. Hiro has grabbed onto a flagpole onto the outside of the building, and calls for help.


After calling to Claire for help futilely, Hiro manages to climb back onto the rooftop and enter the building where he meets up with his younger self.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 4

On the rooftop, some of the Company's founders talk about Mindy and her ability. Later, Angela says that hundreds of people are dead from the blizzard caused by Mindy. When Charles offers to go "clean up" at Three Mile Island, Arthur tells him not worry and introduces the founders to Maury Parkman.

Memorable Quotes

"There's something about this roof."

"You and I spent a lot of time up here."

"I mean, it's connected with what's happening. It's important somehow."

- Isaac Mendez, Simone (Distractions)

"You threw me... off of a 30-story building! If I didn't regenerate, I'd be dead!"

- Peter Petrelli (to Claude) (Distractions)


  • Charles's building's street address is 210 (One Giant Leap). The street (assuming Charles Deveaux's apartment is in the same building) is Central Park West (Nothing to Hide). This address is clearly fictitious, as it would place the building in Theodore Roosevelt Park, adjacent to the American Museum of Natural History.[1]
  • Claude Rains cares for birds on the rooftop. It is unclear whether his residence is here or elsewhere.
  • The set for the rooftop is located on Stage 7 in the Heroes studio, and it is completely surrounded by blue screen.
  • In the photo of the group of 12 founders of the Company, there are no angel statues on the right hand side of the circular statue, even though in other episodes, it is on both sides.


  • According to Peter, the rooftop is 30 stories off the ground.


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