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Isaac Mendez's loft

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Isaac Mendez's loft
Isaac's loft.jpg
Location: New York, NY
Purpose: Residence, Art production, Lab

Isaac's loft is a loft studio apartment in Lower Manhattan. Isaac Mendez used it as a residence and an art studio. The Company has also used this facility on a number of occasions. In 1963, this was the first headquarters of Primatech, the headquarters of the Company. After Isaac's death, the Company established a lab in the loft for Mohinder Suresh, naming it Reed Street Laboratories.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors



Simone Deveaux arrives at Isaac's loft to discover him destroying his latest paintings. He tells her he is using heroin again and that the paintings he completes when high are detailing future events. Later, Simone returns with Peter Petrelli to discover Isaac has overdosed after painting an enormous image of an explosion on the floor.

Don't Look Back

Isaac recovers in his loft. In the future timeline, Hiro Nakamura arrives at the loft, following the address he found in Issue #14 of 9th Wonders!. The studio is now filled with paintings of The Symbol. Hiro finds Isaac murdered and brainless. An NYPD detective and his interpreter find Hiro at the crime scene and question him, but are interrupted by a ruckus outside.


Peter Petrelli and Mohinder Suresh try to visit Isaac in his loft, but he's in a precognitive trance, painting images of Claire Bennet, Hiro and Ando, and Peter.


Isaac and Peter work together in the studio to uncover the clues in Isaac's latest paintings. Peter duplicates Isaac's powers to complete a painting which shows Claire murdered by Sylar. When Hiro calls to warn Isaac about the future, Peter delivers the message he received from Hiro's future self.

Better Halves

Working with Isaac to discover the identity of the cheerleader, Peter realizes the latest paintings form a narrative panel like a comic book. There is one missing painting, and Isaac tells Peter Simone took a painting about that size to sell.

Nothing to Hide

Eden McCain visits Isaac in his studio, claiming to be a fan.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Peter and Simone arrive at Isaac's loft to tell him about Charles Deveaux's death, but they find it emptied out and abandoned.


Nathan and Simone open the missing painting at Isaac's loft. Hoping to protect Peter, Nathan destroys it by splashing it with black paint. Simone later invites Peter to the loft and shows him the ruined painting, as well as a digital image which accompanied it.


Simone takes Nathan to Isaac's loft to meet Isaac. Isaac's paintings are back, as is Isaac. Nathan is questioning Isaac about the paintings when Hiro and Ando arrive. Hiro explains that he needs the sword he's seen wielding in Isaac's latest painting, and Simone says she can take him to see Linderman.


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After being called by Isaac, Mr. Bennet and the Haitian arrive at the studio and discuss the search for Peter, and Mr. Bennet gives Isaac a gun. Later, Simone comes asking him where to find Peter, and tries to return her loft key; Isaac refuses to take it back, reasoning that Simone should keep it. Peter later shows up at Isaac's loft, and a fight ensues. Isaac shoots blindly and hits Simone, who holds the key key to the loft.


Simone, dead from her wounds, is placed onto a bed by Peter. Isaac takes up his efforts to kill Peter again, but fails. The NYPD later investigates Simone's absence and the gun shots several neighbor's heard, but Candice Willmer, using her power, arrives in the guise of Simone, warding off the police. Isaac is haunted, and begs to leave with Mr. Bennet, but is left behind. Later, overwhelmed by Simone's death, Isaac starts using heroin again, but ends up painting a series of paintings that predict him dead with his head cut off.


The courier fanboy picks up the last issue of 9th Wonders! from Isaac. Later, Isaac paints Sylar arriving, which happens immediately. Sylar telekinetically pins Isaac to the floor with his paintbrushes, and takes his brain out. Sylar tests his new power of prophecy by painting a crude picture of Nathan in the Oval Office.

Hiro and Ando, 5 years in the future, visit the loft looking for Isaac, and instead find Future Hiro and an intricate string web.

Graphic Novel:String Theory

Five years in the future, Future Hiro organizes articles and paper scraps on a string web in Isaac's loft, trying to find a way to change the past and prevent the explosion. After returning from his attempt to change the past, he finds Ando and Hiro there. They have a standoff, with swords and guns drawn.

Five Years Gone

After Future Hiro talks to Hiro and Ando, Matt and his team break in, capturing Hiro. Future Hiro and Ando escape, teleporting to Las Vegas. Later, Mohinder investigates the string web while waiting on Matt. He explains the principle behind it, and remembers Peter's encounter on the subway in the past, and leaves the loft, taking the 9th Wonders! with him. Nathan comes to the loft to meet with Matt and Mohinder, where they discuss plans.

The Hard Part

Still in the loft, Sylar paints a painting of him about to kill Ted and take his power. When he realizes he's the cause of the explosion, he calls Mohinder. When Sylar hears him dialing 911, Sylar hangs up. He then calls his mother and asks to come over. As he combs his hair in Isaac's bathroom, Hiro and Ando come over and see Isaac's dead body. When they hear the water running, they hide behind Sylar's painting. Sylar comes out and, hearing Ando's heartbeat, telekinetically flings the painting aside. Hiro and Ando teleport away. Sylar goes out of the loft.


After meeting Sylar, Ando and Hiro wonder about their mission to save the world now that the sword is broken. Ando runs over to Isaac's counter to find a Yellow Pages, where he finds a listing for a repair shop. They use Isaac's phone to call Jittetsu Arms. Isaac's body lies in the next room, similar to where Hiro found him in the future.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Sylar is at Isaac's loft and has a vision of Peter Petrelli at Kirby Plaza.

Molly uses her power to find Sylar, sees him in Isaac's loft, and pinpoints his location on a map. Mr. Bennet realizes that Sylar is at Isaac's loft.

Ando enters at Isaac's loft, looking for Sylar, and drops his copy of 9th Wonders! as he stumbles upon a pool of blood. Sylar sneaks up behind him and pins him against a window. He tries to cut off Ando's head, but Hiro arrives and quickly teleports himself and Ando to safety.

Later, Matt arrives at Isaac's loft looking to kill Sylar, but Matt realizes that he isn't there. Matt sees Sylar's painting and heads for Kirby Plaza.


Bob brings Mohinder to Isaac's loft, telling Mohinder that Isaac had been murdered by Sylar. The loft had been converted into a laboratory for Mohinder's research at the behest of the Company. Later, Mohinder discovers a painting by Isaac, depicting a deceased Noah Bennet.

Truth & Consequences

Mohinder makes a cure for the mutated version of the Shanti virus by combining Claire's blood with his blood. Bob congratulates him. Mohinder is very upset that Bob still doesn't want to end research on the virus. When Bob asks him what they can do for him, he tells Bob to help him destroy all the versions of the virus the Company ever created. He then calls Niki to tell her that he found a cure.


Mohinder examines Sylar's blood in his lab and discovers that he has the same strain of virus that Niki has, meaning that the Company injected Sylar with the virus.

In Bob's office, Elle logs into her father's computer and finds a video surveillance feed showing Sylar in Mohinder's lab.

While Mohinder studies Sylar's blood, Molly uses her ability to help Maya find her brother, but he is "no where", implying that he is dead. When Maya confronts Sylar about Alejandro's death, he shoots her in the chest. Sylar has Mohinder test Claire's restorative blood by reviving Maya.

As Maya returns to life, Elle enters the laboratory and attacks Sylar. He escapes, but takes the syringe with the cure with him. Elle is upset that she let Sylar get away, but Mohinder tells her that she saved their lives, and insists that she is a hero.

The Second Coming

At the lab Mohinder is testing a sample. Maya arrives and tells him to destroy the sample. She says it's like he said, against the laws of nature; but Mohinder is too excited about changing ordinary people. Mohinder says that with each person's blood chemistry, it would mean individual powers. Maya replies that in the wrong hands, those powers could be dangerous... Mohinder replies that they're in the wrong hands now. But now he thinks he could have stopped his father's death at Sylar's hands if he had powers. Maya can't believe he's going to inject himself with what she considers this curse. She wants to know if what's in the syringe can also cure her. Mohinder gives her a look of no. Maya tells Mohinder that it's evil, then, and he should destroy it for the sake of the world.

The Butterfly Effect

Maya returns to Mohinder's lab and finds Mohinder hanging from a beam in the ceiling. He jumps down gracefully and reveals to Maya that he tried his experimental serum on himself. He further demonstrates his newfound abilities by climbing up the side of a wall and perching at the top. He claims to Maya that it's had no ill effects on him; however, his behavior is markedly more aggressive. He begins kissing Maya and she notes that he is different.

Mohinder wakes up in bed next to Maya, then heads to the bathroom. He seems sensitive to the light, then notices large portions of skin coming off of his back. He picks one out to find the large piece very hard, then wonders what's happening to him.

I Am Become Death

Mohinder works in his lab and notes that the formula has created an unusual rash, but is interrupted when he hears his neighbors arguing. When he goes to check on the situation, he finds the neighbor's wife to be in tears and with bruises. The neighbor tries to slam the door on Mohinder, but he stops the door, then smashes his neighbor's head into a wall. The wife cries and asks Mohinder to leave.

Maya comes to Mohinder's lab and finds garbage everywhere. She cleans up and tries to cheer up Mohinder, but he resists. She notices that he doesn't look well and that they should go out somewhere, but Mohinder yells at her that he's been working all hours trying to find a cure for her. She tells him that she's there because she cares about him, but she'll leave since that's what he wants. Mohinder tries to apologize, but she leaves instead. Mohinder notes in his recorder that his ability has caused a spreading rash, which is heightening his aggression. He sets the recorder down, then time progresses over years to reveal his lab is covered in dust as a cockroach crawls across the lab.

Four years in the future, Peter tries to find Future Mohinder and is startled when he sneaks up on him. Peter asks for Mohinder's help, he wants to know about Sylar. He notices that Mohinder stays in the shadows and when he tries to approach, Mohinder scuttles away. Mohinder appears from behind Peter and grabs his shoulder, exposing a scaled hand. Peter asks what happened to him and Mohinder tells him that he wanted abilities, but he got the formula wrong. Peter tells Mohinder he can help if he tells him where Sylar is. Although Mohinder tells him Sylar's ability is dangerous. Peter reads Mohinder's mind to find Sylar's location, then he teleports away.

In his lab, Mohinder notes into his recorder that he is unable to remove the abilities from himself or Maya and that his ability is part of him now. He lifts his hand from the table, and notes a strange substance sticking to the table. He hears a knock at his door, only to be punched by his neighbor. The neighbor tells Mohinder that he stuck his nose where it shouldn't be and Mohinder replies that the neighbor has done the same. He pulls the man into his apartment and slams the door.

Angels and Monsters

Mohinder brings the drug dealer back to his laboratory but is forced to hide his body when Maya comes back. She shows him a "Missing" poster of his neighbor, but Mohinder feigns ignorance. As they talk, she notices a trail of blood left by the drug dealer's corpse. She quickly makes an exit and Mohinder goes into the next room where the neighbor is cocooned to a wall.

Maya returns to Mohinder's laboratory while he's out and finds the neighbor in the cocoon. She gets up on a chair and tries to free him, but Mohinder returns. She hides underneath a gurney while Mohinder notices that someone was there. She panics and both Mohinder and the neighbor's eyes turn black as her ability starts to activate. Mohinder convinces her to stop before she kills them. She calls him a monster and he says he wishes she didn't say that. He then attacks her.

At the lab, Mohinder is cocooning Maya against a wall.

Dying of the Light

Nathan and Tracy arrive at the loft and ask to see Mohinder. He invites them in and he believes that Tracy is actually Niki. They explain that Tracy is Niki’s sister, one of triplets, and that she gained her powers from treatments perfected by Dr. Zimmerman. She demonstrates her freezing power, and Mohinder, intrigued, agrees to examine them.

Mohinder gives first Tracy and then Nathan injections which he claims are DNA markers. However, Tracy collapses unconscious and Nathan starts to fall down. He lunges at Mohinder and falls into the next room, where he sees the cocooned figures of Maya, Mohinder’s neighbor, and the drug dealer. Before he can do anything further, the drug takes full effects and Nathan passes out.

Daphne arrives at Mohinder’s apartment and talks to him. She says that her employers want access to his database, and they’ve already created a way to synthesize special powers. Daphne offers him a Pinehearst business call but then hears someone moaning in the back. She runs past Mohinder and finds Tracy and Nathan strapped to table. She says Mohinder is a killer just like the rest and runs away before he can catch her.

Mohinder prepares to experiment on Nathan and Tracy. Tracy says that she understands what he’s going through, and that everything just got out of his control. She suggests that Daphne’s employers can give him the answers she needs, and she understands what it’s like to be considered a monster. She offers him her hand and he takes it. Tracy then freezes his hand, sending him reeling back. She freezes the strap and breaks it, then frees Nathan. Mohinder recovers and throws a lab bench at them, and says that it’s not over yet.

Eris Quod Sum

Mohinder threatens Tracy and Nathan as they are tied to the tables, however Tracy freezes her restrains and frees them both. Mohinder pleads for one more sample so he can relieve Maya of her power. When they refuse, he leaps over them, rips Maya from her cocoon and leaves through the skylight.


Daphne, Matt and Ando arrive looking for Mohinder. They realize he must be at Pinehearst, and Daphne runs over there and gets a syringe of the formula. Ando is ready to inject himself with it when Matt says he should think about it. Ando ignores this and injects himself, and faints. When he comes to, he tries to squint his eyes like Hiro does when he time-travels. When it doesn't work, he slams his hand on a table in frustration. His hand glows with red energy. Matt touches Ando, and hears all the thoughts of all the people in the city. Then Daphne touches him and travels several seconds back in time. Matt concludes that his new ability is ability supercharging. They also conclude that Ando and Daphne together can travel back in time and save Hiro. They do, and when they come back, Daphne and Hiro runs to Pinehearst and gets the formula. They return, and Hiro tears up the formula.

Cold Wars

After escaping Noah Bennet and Danko's team, Matt and Peter retreat to the loft for Matt to paint the future in an attempt to find Daphne, whom they learned is alive from Noah. Matt uses Isaac's old painting supplies and paints a pipe bomb, a series of pipe bombs attached to a Kevlar vest and himself strapped to the pipe bombs. There is also one more horrifying painting of the future: where Isaac's mural of the destruction of New York was, Matt painted a new mural, this one of the destruction of Washington D.C. in a nuclear blast exactly like Isaac's old mural.


Peter shakes Matt awake from his painting. Peter tells Matt that he has been painting the same image over and over again, of himself as a suicide bomber. Matt says all he wants to find out is how to save Daphne. A computer suddenly turns on and Rebel sends a message, telling them that Daphne is being held in Building 26 and giving the address. Peter isn't sure Rebel can be trusted, but then Rebel tells them "they're coming" and that they should run. They leave the loft just before two agents walk in.

I Am Sylar

Hiro and Ando try and get captured by the agents. However, Ando is unaware that he is bait, and Hiro is still not comfortable with Ando having a power. As the agents burst in and fire tasers at the both of them, Hiro stops time. As soon as he stops time, Hiro is in slight pain, and utters to Ando that he is sorry. Ando talks to Hiro, and they both notice that now the both of them can be moving in stopped time. They both talk about how Hiro is still not comfortable with Ando having a power, but Hiro denies it. Ando says that he's not the only one with a destiny, and that this Batman can do it all by himself. Hiro unfreezes time for Ando to get shot, then freezes time once more. He stands next to one of the agents, and remarks how it's just his size.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 2

Following the riots at Chris Coolidge's 1963 concert, the fledgling Company signs a lease on the facility and use it as their Primatech headquarters.

Heroes Evolutions

A 360-degree virtual tour of Isaac's loft is available on as part of the Heroes Evolutions content. The tour includes multiple vantage points, several of Isaac's paintings, and several short video clips of related scenes. The window title and exit button misspell Isaac's name as "Issac".

The video surveillance manager at refers to the facility as the "Reed Street Laboratories".

A Hero's Quest

In Hiro's fifth blog post, "Day of Despair in 1963", Hiro finds a newspaper clipping containing an advertisement to buy or lease the building located at 215 Reed Street.

In Hiro's sixth blog post, "The Loft", Hiro reports on his findings in 1963. Hiro finds a journal of Angela Petrelli's dreams and attempts to uncover what her dream meant.


  • The television in the loft shows several other plot points, such as the train wreck, and Nathan's campaign ad.
  • According to the back page of Hiro's copy of 9th Wonders!, Isaac Mendez lives at 215 Reed St. #7, New York, New York, 10010. This address does not exist in reality.
  • The door to Isaac's loft has a sign that reads "681". (Distractions)
  • When Peter arrives at Isaac's loft, the painting of Hiro and the dinosaur is on an easel in the background (Unexpected). Hiro took the painting with him when he left to see Linderman (Godsend). It is unclear whether this is a duplicate painting, or this is just a production error.
  • The Easter Egg for War Buddies, Part 2 is a large overhead behind-the-scenes photo of Isaac's loft.
  • An entry on Hiro's blog leads readers to receive an email from Hiro informing Hana that she can contact him at 215 Reed St. #7--Isaac's loft.
  • In a throwback to the first season to the first season, when Matt paints a future where a nuclear explosion destroys Washington D.C., not only is it painted exactly like Isaac's mural of New York's destruction, but its painted in the exact same spot on the loft floor.
  • An old newspaper advertisement for 215 Reed Street notes that the building is a six-story warehouse building, built around 1825. It is also listed as 25,000+ square feet.


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