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Heroes Interactive:Kindred

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episode Kindred.


  • Welcome to the "Heroes" Interactive experience!
  • Filmed in a giant sandbox built in the studio parking lot, this scene was shot using the magic of green screen to portray the ocean shores of Maui.
  • Rachel Kimsey joins the cast playing "Michelle", the new face of the conveniently shape-shifting illusionist "Candice". Missy Peregrym, who originated the roll [sic], was unavailable because she was shooting a Pilot with upcoming "Heroes: Origins" Director Kevin Smith.
  • This episode is the first that J.J. Philbin has written for Heroes. Before becoming a producer on this show, J.J. worked on The O.C. and Saturday Night Live.
  • What is the name of the collection of bears that HRG used to bring home to Claire? Bears from...
    • Around the World
    • Down Under
    • the Heart
    • California
  • The Company is often referred to as the Company 2.0 by the writing staff.
  • This is the third episode that Paul Edwards has directed for Heroes. He got his start as a director on the show Lost, where he was a camera operator.
  • Don't forget to check out the CHARACTER MAP to see how all of our Heroes connect and answer trivia questions and surveys about the show.
  • Caitlin was named for the writer assistant's girlfriend.
  • An American Flag is an added touch on Ando's desk as a tribute to his recent adventures.
  • Claire and West are on suspended harnesses with a wall to wall blue screen behind them and fans blowing. The visual effects aerial plate of Los Angeles is matted in place of the blue screen to make the effect of flying.
  • The Universal Backlot was the real home of this Cork, Ireland set.
  • The rear of the van was mounted on a bearing to allow the van to pivot. A tow vehicle was used to pull the front of the van, which on the bearing, could turn on axis into the steps.
  • This scene and the cemetery scene were originally filmed as a part of Episode 202 and later added into this episode.
  • This was a reshoot shot two months after Niki and Micah filmed their part. On the other side of the door stood a couple of crew members.
  • He is yanked back by a ratchet and held against the wall using a harness that is digitally erased in Post.
  • The cherry blossom trees were added to the set as set decoration similarly to the ones added in episode 2.
  • Peter and Caitlin's romantic moment was thanks to a rain machine outside the Pub window on the studio lot.
  • Ahh, Claire's first kiss... was filmed at the popular Point Dume Beach in Malibu.
  • Thanks for joining the "Heroes" interactive experience. For cast commentary, original graphic novels, secrets, sneaks, and more, go to after tonight's broadcast.


  • As with those for the previous episodes of Season Two, The Heroes Interactive for Kindred was accompanied by a character map, which was essentially a portal of photos and season one histories for each of the characters.
  • Heroes Interactive incorrectly stated that Claire's first kiss was with West. Claire is seen kissing Brody in One Giant Leap.

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