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Samuel Sullivan's trailer
Samuel & Joseph.jpg
Samuel and Joseph stand outside Samuel's trailer
Location: Sullivan Bros. Carnival
Purpose: A place for Samuel to sleep.

Samuel Sullivan's trailer is the trailer that Samuel Sullivan lives in at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival.

Notable Residents

Notable Visitors



Samuel prepares to leave for New York in his trailer. Lydia helps him get ready and he says that someone needs to fulfill Joseph's shoes there at carnival.


Samuel leads Lydia to his trailer and he says that she can tell him anything even if he is dissatisfied. He makes a tatoo appear on her back and he asks why she is showing Bennet to him.

Webisode:Slow Burn, Part 6

Amanda knocks on Samuel's door and he answers saying that she must be Amanda.

Graphic Novel:Smoke & Mirrors

Amanda knocks on Samuel's door and he answers saying that she must be Amanda.

Brother's Keeper

Nine weeks in the past, Mohinder goes to the carnival in search of Samuel. He finds Joseph and Joseph acts like he has no idea what Mohinder is talking about when he mentions abilities. Samuel comes out of his trailer drunk, and Joseph sends Samuel away. After Mohinder and Joseph enter, Joseph agrees to everything that Mohinder says. He says that he has Samuel under control and to burn the film and go back to India. Outside, Samuel is listening to the whole conversation.


Samuel is watching the film of his birth, when Hiro knocks on the door. He demands that Samuel comes out and tells him when and where Charlie is.

Eight weeks in the past, Hiro and Lydia appear beside Samuel's trailer as Mohinder walks away. They see Samuel wanting to talk to Joseph out in the fields.

Upon This Rock

Lydia is taking Samuel some of Mrs. Comey's pancakes, but suggests that Claire does instead. Claire takes them to Samuel's trailer, where she sees him going through her dad's files. Samuel quickly exits the trailer and leads Claire away from it.

Later, Samuel leaves the carnival and Claire tried to break into Samuel's trailer, but Eli and his clones stop her. She eventually knocks Eli out and goes inside anyway. Once being inside, Claire searches through the files and picks up a picture of Samuel and Joseph from when they were kids. However, Claire is ubruptly stopped as Doyle makes her come out of the trailer. Doyle argues with her that she is trying to ruin his home and she argues that she only wants to make sure that everyone is safe and that there is something sketchy about Samuel.

Let It Bleed

Samuel draws a picture of Vanessa as Doyle gets thrown into the table he is drawing on. Sylar comes to steal Samuel's ability. Samuel tells Doyle to get the others to safety. Sylar pins Samuel to his trailer and is about to cut his head open until Samuel caves Sylar into a blanket of dirt.

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