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The first manifestations of abilities describes an evolved human's first time of accessing their abilities. Generally, first manifestations occur when the user is in a state of high agitation, although there are some exceptions.

Known first manifestations of natural abilities

The following lists the known first manifestations of only naturally-inherited abilities, and excludes those synthetically granted.

Ability Held by First manifestation
Adoptive muscle memory Monica Dawson Monica carves a tomato into a rose after seeing the action performed by a cooking show host. (The Kindness of Strangers)
Alejandro's ability Alejandro Herrera Alejandro absorbs and nullifies Maya's poisonous tears during his wedding. (Four Months Ago...)
Electric manipulation Elle Bishop When she was 6 years old, Elle's first manifestation of her ability burned her grandmother's house down. (Four Months Ago...)
Electronic communication Hana Gitelman Hana is able to perceive a text message sent from Thompson to Bennet, and is then flooded by electronic communications. (Wireless, Part 2)
Elasticity Piper Piper stretches her leg to undo a latch on the table where she is bound. (Different and the Same)
Empathic mimicry Peter Petrelli Peter first mimics his mother Angela's ability to see the future in dreams when he sees Nathan in a car crash. (Six Months Ago)
Enhanced strength Knox In his gang's hideout, Knox feeds off the fear of his fellow gang members and bendsa steel crowbar. (Hard Knox, Part 1)
Gravitational manipulation Stephen Canfield While arguing with his neighbor, Stephen creates a vortex for the first time, killing his neighbor. (I Am Become Death)
Healing Daniel Linderman Linderman heals his mother's cancer. (War Buddies, Part 3)
Illusion Candice Willmer "Betty" causes large lesions and boils to appear on the face of a fellow student who was mocking her. (Betty, Part 1)
Induced radioactivity Ted Sprague Ted emits slight amounts of radiation, which is eventually enough to cause his wife to develop cancer. (Nothing to Hide)
Levitation Abu Aswan Abu lifts a large boulder above his head. (History of a Secret)
Luke's ability Luke Collins When cutting his rare steak, Luke accidentally heats his knife, cooking the inside of the steak. (Under the Mask)
Lung adaptation Bianca Karina Bianca doesn't seem to need to pause for breath while on the school swimming team. (Assignment Tracker 2.0)
Mental manipulation The Haitian A young Haitian disables his father's ability, causing his father to wonder what he has done to him. (It Takes a Village, Part 1)
Miko's ability Miko Otomo After drawing the Kensei sword, Miko finds herself in the world of Evernow, and realizes that she is Katana Girl. (Brave New World)
Persuasion Eden McCain Eden's first command was an angry but innocent outburst which ordered her stepmother's heart to stop beating. (Life Before Eden)
Plant manipulation Brendan Lewis While a teenager, Brendan discovered that he could slightly manipulate plants to grow faster. (Assignment Tracker 2.0)
Poison emission Maya Herrera After catching Gloria cheating on her brother Alejandro, Maya cries poisonous tears for the first time, killing everyone present at Alejandro's wedding. (Four Months Ago...)
Precognition Isaac Mendez Isaac painted a painting of a woman getting hit by a bus for the Deveaux Gallery. Shortly after the woman sees this painting, she is hit by a bus and the prophecy is fulfilled. (Isaac's First Time)
Puppet master Eric Doyle Eric forced his stepfather to swim out into the Pacific Ocean and drown himself. (Assignment Tracker 2.0)
Pyrokinesis Meredith Gordon In her anger, Meredith set fire to her house and killed her father. (Playing with Fire)
Rapid cell regeneration Adam Monroe Adam's ability first manifested when he was shot by arrows in 1671: his deadly wounds healed spontaneously. (Lizards)
Sound manipulation Echo DeMille Echo's power began to manifest shortly after he joined the Postal Service. (Assignment Tracker 2.0)
Space-time manipulation Hiro Nakamura Hiro concentrates on a clock, and manages to reverse time by one second. (Genesis)
Super speed Daphne Millbrook An eclipse helps Daphne manifest her powers: she is able to take off her crutches and run extremely fast. (The Caged Bird, Part 1)
Telekinesis Dahlia Dahlia caught her sister when she was thrown from a balcony. (Heroes Reborn: Enigma)
Telepathy Matt Parkman Matt hears his wife call him a hero. (Six Months Ago)

Known first manifestations of synthetic abilities

The following lists the first manifestations of only synthetic abilities, and excludes those that occur naturally.

Ability Held by First manifestation
Ability replication Peter Petrelli Peter leaps at Nathan, replicates Nathan's ability through contact with him, and flies out of the burning Pinehearst Headquarters. (Dual)
Ability supercharging Ando Masahashi Ando bangs his hand on a table in Mohinder's lab, causing red sparks to spray from it. (Dual)
David's ability David Sullivan David, after acquiring the ability, leaps at and mangles Ryan Hanover, dragging him away. (The Recruit, Part 3)
Enhanced strength Scott Scott uses his ability right after acquiring it: he lifts up a bolted chair and throws it with incredible strength at a wall. (Our Father)
Flight Nathan Petrelli Nathan first flies during his accident; he flies into the air uncontrollably, leaving Heidi in the car, doomed to crash. (Six Months Ago)
Freezing Tracy Strauss Tracy accidentally kills a reporter by freezing him to solid ice. (The Butterfly Effect)
Mohinder's ability Mohinder Suresh After granting himself his ability synthetically, Mohinder demonstrates his ability by attacking a mugger and his accomplice. (The Second Coming)
Time shift/Time slow Dahlia Waking up after an injection of the Gemini Formula, Dahlia slows down time to make it though a closing door. (Heroes Reborn: Enigma)


Evolved Human Abilities edit

Ability absorptionAbility replicationActivation and deactivationAdoptive muscle memoryAlchemyAlejandro's abilityAquatic breathingClairsentienceClairvoyanceCloakingCloningCyberpathyDisintegrationDream manipulationElectric manipulationElemental controlEmpathic mimicryEmpathyEnhanced hearingEnhanced memoryEnhanced strengthEnhanced strength and sensesEnhanced synesthesiaFire breathingFlightFreezingGravitational manipulationHachiro's abilityHealingHealing touchHeat generationIllusionImage projectionImpenetrable skinInduced radioactivityIntuitive aptitudeInvisibilityLie detectionLuke's abilityMagnetismMeltingMemory manipulationMemory storageMental manipulationMetal mimicryMicrowave emissionMiko's abilityMist mimicryPersuasionPhasingPlant growthPoison emissionPossessionPrecognitionPrecognitive dreamingPuppet masterPyrokinesisRapid cell regenerationSedationSeismic burstShape shiftingShatteringSound manipulationSpace-time manipulationSpontaneous combustionSuper speedSuperchargingTechnopathyTelekinesisTelepathyTerrakinesisUmbrakinesisWeather control

Evolutions Abilities

Accelerated probabilityAcidic bloodAge transferalAnimal controlBelief inductionCarbon isolation and formationConstrictionDanger sensingDavid's abilityDimension hoppingDimensional storageEmpathic manipulationEnhanced breathEnhanced teleportingExtraskeletal manipulationFireworks creationHealth optimizingInflammationLight absorptionLight manipulationNerve manipulationNon-biological duplicationPhoenix mimicryPlasmakinesisPrimal rageProbability computationRock formationShiftingTeleportationTemporal rewindWater generationWater mimicry

Graphic Novel Abilities

Ability augmentationAcid secretionAge shiftingAppearance alterationAura absorptionBliss and horrorBone spike protrusionChlorine gas exudationCrumplingDehydrationDisintegration touchElasticityElectrical absorptionEnergy absorption, transference, and redirectionFire castingForcefieldsFuture terrorist's abilityGold mimicryGranulationGreen energy blastImprintingLaser emissionLevitationLuminescenceLung adaptationMass manipulationMediumshipNerve gas emissionNeurocognitive deficitOil secretionOmnilingualismPlant manipulationSound absorptionSpider mimicryTelescopic visionWall crawling

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