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Hiro exclaims "Yatta!" upon his arrival in New York, NY.
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Yatta (やった) is a Japanese short form for "yarimashita", which translates to "(I/We) did it!", but can also have meanings of "okay!", "it's done!", "ready!", or "all right!". The word is frequently exclaimed by Hiro Nakamura, accompanied by his raised arms.



When Hiro learns he can turn back the flow of time, he runs through his office shouting "Yatta!". Later, Hiro and Ando are thrown out of a bar — Hiro excitedly tells Ando, "I tele-ported myself!" and throws his hands in the air. Finally, after teleporting to Manhattan, Hiro triumphantly exclaims the phrase in Times Square.

Don't Look Back

Exploring New York, Hiro finds a comic book whose cover captures his shout.

One Giant Leap

Back in Tokyo, Hiro enthusiastically tells Ando "I did it!", relating his control over the space/time continuum. Ando responds in kind.


Nathan gives Hiro a ride from the Fly By Night Diner to Las Vegas. When Hiro gets out of the car, he shoots his hands joyously in the air and yells, "Vote Petrelli!".

Nothing to Hide

After working with D.L. to stop time and save a woman, Hiro tries to explain his time-freezing power to Micah. Despite his broken English, Hiro attempts saying "Yatta!" as a means of conveying his success.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Charlie calls Hiro "sweet" at the Burnt Toast Diner in Midland, TX. Hiro turns around, arms raised high, and cheerfully boasts, "I'm sweet!" Ando is unimpressed.

Six Months Ago

Hiro enters the diner, arms cheerfully raised, with a Japanese newspaper he thinks will irrefutably prove he is a time traveler. Later, Hiro tells Charlie about a 24 hour Samurai film festival, just after he joyously raises his arms.


When Hiro sees Nathan Petrelli at Isaac's apartment, he throws up his arms and exclaims "Flying Man!"


Nathan meets Hiro at the Corinthian Casino, who tries to greet Nathan with his arms outstretched. Nathan stops Hiro, but Hiro still gives a quiet "Flying Man!" greeting. Later, in Linderman's archives, Hiro finally gets the sword. He holds it above his head and shouts, "Yatta!"

How to Stop an Exploding Man

When Hiro stabs Sylar with Ando's sword, he utters "Yatta" in a serious tone of voice.

Four Months Later...

Outside Otsu, Hiro teleports a man to safety. Hiro triumphantly raises his arms and yells "Yatta!"


Excited that Kensei has returned with the Fire Scroll, alive, Hiro raises his arms and shouts "Yatta!"

Graphic Novel:The Trial of the Black Bear

Hiro grabs a scroll from the Black Bear's cub and shouts "I did it!"

Out of Time

Hiro exclaims "Yatta!" after Ando tells him they prevented the explosion.


When Hiro recovers from lightning strike launched by Peter and see Nathan Petrelli, he raises his arms to heaven and exclaims "Flying man!" in the same way sometimes exclaims "Yatta!"

It's Coming

At the Bowl-A-Rama, Hiro exclaims "Yatta!" after rediscovering that he can stop time. Later, he repeats the interjection when he teleports Ando and himself to Sam's Comics.

Our Father

Ishi Nakamura uses the phrase when she successfully heals a dove, while the young Hiro is watching.


After climbing off a flagpole on Charles Deveaux's rooftop, Hiro triumphantly shouts, "Yatta!"

When Ando learns that he has successfully injected himself with a synthetic ability, he copies his best friend and shouts, "Yatta!"

Cold Snap

Hiro whispers "Yatta!" after Matt Parkman, Jr. reactivates part of Hiro's space-time manipulation. He then attempts to get Matt Parkman to say it, with poor results.

Jump, Push, Fall

Young Hiro yells "Yatta!" after receiving his fortune from a fortune teller. Present day Hiro yells "Yatta!" after seeing Kimiko and Ando kiss.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Hiro yells "Yatta!" after successfully convincing his past self to travel six months into the past, thus preserving the space-time continuum.

Game Over

Miko says "Yatta!" after defeating her shadowy counterpart.

June 13th, Part One

As Harris prepares to bomb the Odessa Unity Summit on June 13, 2014, a future Hiro teleports in and faces a Harris clone armed with a bomb vest to save Mohinder Suresh. Hiro kills the Harris clone and quietly says, "Yatta."

June 13th, Part Two

After sending Noah Bennet to the future, Tommy Clark says, "Yatta."

Heroes Evolutions

Hiro's blog

In his blog, Hiro sometimes uses the phrase "やった", which loosely translates to "Yatta".

  • He posts, "I'm almost done with Final Fantasy XII. やったー."
  • Later, he posts about teleporting to Times Square saying, "Can you believe it? It's amazing! I told you I could do it. I knew it! やったー! XD".
  • In another post, Hiro says, "We made it. やったー! \(^o^)/ Hello, Las Vegas!"

Saving Charlie

  • Hiro recalls seeing a drawing of himself on the cover of 9th Wonders! "with his arms outstretched in overjoyed wonder," the same way he had thrown his arms out moments earlier when he'd realized he could teleport. (Chapter 17)
  • Hiro concentrates on time traveling to a specific place and time. When he believes he has successfully landed at the Burnt Toast Diner, he throws up his arms in the air "with absolute joy and abandon" and shouts, "I did it!" (Chapter 41)

Brave New World

In the eBook Brave New World, Ren Shimosawa says "Yata!" and does a victory dance when he beats the penultimate level of Evernow.


  • In the original script for Genesis, Hiro was to exclaim "bonsai" after discovering his powers. According to a statement by Masi Oka on The View, he approached Tim Kring and informed him that "bonsai actually means 'little tree'", and that he probably meant banzai. Because Masi felt that banzai had wartime/old-fashioned connotations (Banzai (万歳) is used as a battle cry during World War II; it loosely translates to "long live", usually used in the phrase "Long live the emperor!"), he asked if it would be okay to use the more modern exclamation "Yatta!" instead. Tim Kring gave Masi permission to change the line by replying along the lines of "Dude, go to town."
  • Hiro's style of shouting "Yatta!", with his arms outstretched, appears in part to be an homage to the character of Chun-Li, who after winning a match in the video game Street Fighter II, stretches her arms, giggles, jumps in the air, and also shouts "Yatta!"
  • In an interview, Masi Oka said, "When Hiro stabbed Sylar in the season finale he said, 'Yatta!' but my secret subtext was, 'Yatta, you motherf--ker!' I couldn't say it, but I played it!"


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