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Heroes Interactive:The Second Coming / The Butterfly Effect

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The following is a transcript of Heroes Interactive for the episodes The Second Coming and The Butterfly Effect.



  • U'll get a wkly reminder 2 play Heroes iSMS. 2 play 2nite & enter sweeps, u MUST reply ET, CT, MTN or PT 4 right timezone.Info @ txt STOP 2 end

> PT

  • Welcome! U'll receive ~10 msgs/hr during tonight's Heroes. U have 1 sweeps entry, 1/wk. More @ Std msg chrgs apply. To stop, reply STOP
  • Get ready for fun facts, polls, and more as you watch the show! Starting... now!
  • Claire loves Peter?! Which of these Heroes haven't been romantically involved?
   A. Hiro/Yaeko 
B. Nathan/Niki
C. Simone/Suresh
Rply: A, B, or C

> C

  • You're right! Niki and Nathan might not have been the real deal, but Hiro and Yaeko were definitely in love--even if it was "accidental."
  • Is there any good in Sylar?
   D. Yes 
E. No
Reply D or E

> D

  • 55% of viewers agreed with you.
  • The term 'Fight or Flight' was coined by American physiologist Walter Cannon in 1915 to describe the actions of the sympathetic nervous system.

(After Matt attempted to read Peter's thoughts)

  • Milo perfectly performed this scene twice: once as future Peter, once as present Peter. The two shots were combined in post production.
  • The steadicam featured in this scene is identical to ones actually used during the shooting of this show.
  • Who said the famous line in Season One, "Save the cheerleader, save the world"?
   F. Hiro 
G. Ando
H. Peter
Reply F, G, or H

> F

  • You're right! Future Hiro warned Peter he must "save the cheerleader" while they were both on a subway train.
  • Linderman's alive!? Who supposedly had killed him last time we saw him?
   I. D.L. 
J. Jessica
L. Niki
Reply I, J, or L

> I

  • You're right! D.L. phased and put his hand through Linderman's skull, killing him. Ewwww.
  • While filming this scene, Greg Grunberg actually had a live scorpion walk on his face.

(After Mohinder does a "cherry drop" from a horizontal beam high up in his loft/lab)

  • Actor Sendhil Ramamurthy performed this incredible acrobatic stunt using only a small safety harness.
  • In a free-for-all fight, who would win:
   M. Niki 
N. Tracy
O. Jessica
Reply M, N, or O

> M

  • 27% of viewers agreed with you.
  • Including this time, how many times has Peter saved Claire:
Reply P, Q, or R
  • You're right on! This is the third--and probably not the last time.

(After Linderman tells Nathan to take the Senate position)

  • Should Nathan take Linderman's advice?
   S. Yes 
T. No
Reply S or T

> S

  • 79% of viewers agreed with you.

(After Tracy froze reporter)

  • A high-speed camera was used in tandem with visual effects to achieve the ice shattering and melting look.
  • What do you think Elle should do now that she's leaving the Company:
   U. Track down Sylar 
V. Take over The Company
W. Go to college
Reply U, V, or W

> U

  • 34% of viewers agreed with you.
  • The scabs on Mohinder's back are actually made from colored potato chips.
  • Should HRG let Claire come with him?
   Y. Yes 
Z. No
Reply Y or Z

> Z

  • Heroes: 11% of viewers agreed with you.
  • Thanks for playing! Tune in next Monday at 9/8c for an all new Heroes.


  • This is the first Heroes Interactive to be broadcast solely on Sprint iSMS.
  • Subscribers to this week's Heroes Interactive are automatically entered into a sweepstakes prize of $1000. More information about the sweepstakes is detailed at

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