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Jessica's victims

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Jessica's victims
Powers jessica henchman.jpg
Jessica threatens Linderman's henchman.

First occurrence: Genesis

With her unimaginable strength, fierce nature, and ambiguous ethics, Niki Sanders's alter-ego Jessica has been responsible for the deaths or injuries of many victims.

List of Victims


Other Victims

  • Bob Bishop — Jessica grabs Bob and pins him to the wall, before being tasered by Mohinder. (Fight or Flight)
  • D.L. Hawkins — After D.L. discovers the truth about her framing him, Jessica takes control and attacks D.L. However, D.L. is able to use his own power to subdue Jessica and escape. (Better Halves) Later, Jessica shoots at D.L. with a sniper rifle, hitting him in a shoulder. D.L. manages to make another shot phase harmelessly through his head. In the woods, Jessica attacks D.L. and throws him across a clearing. However, when she injures Micah, Niki regains control and ends the fight. (Fallout)
  • Daniel Linderman -- Jessica throws the magnate against a wall in his own office. (Landslide)
  • Linderman's henchman — When the henchman threatens Micah if Niki doesn't follow through on the plan to seduce Nathan Petrelli, Jessica takes over to protect Niki and beats him, threatening to shove her spike heel through his skull and threatens him if he ever tries to harm Niki or Micah again. (Collision)
  • Matt Parkman — While chasing Aron Malsky, Jessica exchanges shots with Matt who eventually ambushes her in a stairwell. After breaking free of Matt's handcuffs, Jessica throws him out a several story window. Matt lands on a sign below and survives but is knocked unconscious. (Run!)
  • Nathan Petrelli — After Niki refuses to follow through on the plan to help Mr. Linderman blackmail Nathan, Jessica takes over and carries out the plan. (Collision)
  • Hal Sanders — After Hal gives Niki and D.L. money for Micah's tuition, Jessica confronts him at his hotel room, choking him, bloodying his nose, and stuffing the check in his mouth. (Six Months Ago)
  • Micah Sanders — When Micah attempts to intervene in Jessica's fight with D.L., she pushes him aside into some rocks, injuring him. The harm Jessica causes her son allows Niki to regain control and end the fight. (Fallout)
  • Niki Sanders — Jessica keeps Niki trapped inside a mirror (Distractions), only to be taken over by Niki again. (Parasite)
  • Officer Smith — Jessica takes charge in prison. (Godsend)
  • Dr. Witherson — Despite Niki's warnings, Jessica attacks and tasers the psychiatrist in jail. (Distractions)



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