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Probability Manipulation
Norman makes the impossible possible.
Held by: Norman Ventris
Ability to: Manipulate the likelihood of events.

Probability Manipulation is the ability to manipulate the likelihood of events, effectively making the improbable probable and the impossible possible.



This ability allows Norman to alter the likelihood of any event he chooses. He has shown that he is able to manipulate probabilities far enough to regain his job, money, car and house despite all odds and he has also shown that he is able to keep a hold of his girlfriend despite her little interest in him. Norman further demonstrated the mass power his ability grants by causing an impossible event to occur, money falling from the sky. While using this ability Norman has claimed that he just needs to think of something and a "lever just clicks in his head", making whatever he wants happen.

It is unknown if Norman could create life altering events to occur such as resurrection, multiple abilities or re-writing history.

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