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Joshua throws an agent away.
Originally held by: Jessica Wright
Brian Davis (deceased)
Perry Redfield (deceased)
Absorbed by: Gabriel Gray
Joshua Lincoln
Ability to: Move objects with the mind.
Examples of telekinesis

Telekinesis is the ability to move objects with the mind.



Joshua Lincoln

Joshua has shown that he is able to throw several fully grown people metres across the room with enough force to break whatever they land on. (Special). He has enough control over this ability to stop the movements of a speeding bullet, seconds before it makes impact with an object. (Grace)

Gabriel Gray

In the year 2011, Gabriel Gray/Sylar has enough control over this ability to successfuly throw both Angela Petrelli and his wife several feet across a hallway. He has also shown that he is able to remove the top of heads with this power. (After Apocalypse)

Perry Redfield

Perry Redfield had vast control over this ability and was able to use it to do almost anything he desired. He showed to be able to move a cup with his mind with no effort. He was also shown to be able to propel mass amounts of objects at great speed so strongly that they explode. While doing this Perry had to gesture at the objects with his hand and flick at the direction he wanted them to travel in.

Perry claimed to have discovered his ability in his late teens. (Angola)


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