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Ability Duplication
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Joshua duplicates Elisa's power.
Held by: Joshua Lincoln
Ability to: Duplicate other evolved human abilities by recreating them inside oneself.

Ability Duplication is the ability to recreate abilities within oneself after having physical contact with other evolved humans.



In order to duplicate a power, Joshua must physically touch someone with a power. While touching them, his hand and whatever part of the body he is touching will briefly flash white. This process apparently leaves other evolved humans stunned for a short period of time. It is unknown how long it takes to duplicate a power but Joshua broke contact with Elisa after a few seconds. Also, he seemed to have extensive control over this ability right after he obtained it, so this ability could give intuive knowledge on how powers work. (Special)

It seems that this ability can spontaneously manifest, as it did when Joshua Lincoln touched Claire Bennet and accidentally duplicated her ability. (After The Fall)

Abilities Duplicated


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