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Multiple flyers.jpg
Multiple people fly across the skies of Los Angeles.
Held by: Nathan Petrelli (synthetic)
Lester Manning
Numerous Evolved Humans
Ability to: Fly
Examples of flight

Flight is the ability to fly by propelling oneself into the air.



Possible Future Evolved Humans

In the sole demonstration of this ability, several people seemed to effortlessly fly through the air with no ill effect from the wind or temperature. It is unknown what speeds or altitudes can be reached with this ability. (After Apocalypse)

Lester Manning

Lester Manning openly demonstrated this ability by hovering himself a few meters above the ground with no effort. He further demonstrated that he was able to move around while hovering as he did when he quickly changed directions. It is however, unknown how fast Lester could fly as he was tazered down before he could take off. (Targets)


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