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Mathematical Aptitude
Christina can clearly see the answer to an equation.
Held by: Christina Summers
Ability to: Instantly and intuitively solve mathematical equations with the mind in a matter of seconds.

Mathematical Aptitude is the ability to instantly and intuitively solve complex mathematical equations, formulas or problems with the mind in a matter of seconds without any special mathematical training.



This ability allows Christina to clearly and instantaneously solve mathematical equations in a matter of seconds. While using this ability, Christina can clearly see the answer of whatever problem she is solving. She then subconsciously writes down the equation and solution while in a sort of trance like state. Christina hasn't shown any ill effects at using her ability repeatedly and also has not shown whether or not she retains any special information as to how her mind solves the equations.

It is also unknown whether Christina is able to willingly access her power or whether it is always active.


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