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Shockwave Emission

Vickie fires a blast of energy at Nicholas.
Originally held by: Vickie Palamino (Deceased)
Absorbed by: Joshua Lincoln
Ability to: Generate and release blasts of energy that repels whatever it makes contact with.

Shockwave Emission is the ability to generate and release concentrated blasts of energy that repel what/whomever they make contact with.



Vickie Palamino

Vickie Palamino showed great control over this power, using it to successfully repel Nicholas Sawe on one occasion. Vickie only openly demonstrated this ability twice, the latter time missing its target and seemingly vapourizing in the air. Company Agent Tina Bui explained Vickie's ability as the generation and discharging of shockwaves that seperate the molecules once it makes contact with its target. Whether this was an actual cause of the shockwaves Vickie generated is unknown. (Villains)

Joshua Lincoln

Joshua Lincoln duplicated this ability from Vickie and successfully manifested it in an enourmous blast of energy that was powerful enough to obliterate Nicholas, who was the only living person caught in its discharge. (Villains). Joshua was also able to send a shockwave from his hand, blasting Emily Rose several feet away into a pile of crates. (Grace)


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