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Energy Emission
Powers ted hotwire.jpg
Ethan supplies energy to Tina's dead car.
Originally held by: Ethan Campbell
Absorbed by: Joshua Lincoln
Ability to: Generate and transfer energy

Energy Emission is the ability to generate a golden energy and transfer it into other organisms/devices.



Ethan Campbell

Ethan was able to transfer energy from one vessel to another. Using his power, Ethan could generate some form of unknown energy from his body and channel it into other mechanism, whether they be organic or mechanical. On one occasion, Ethan was able to start a car by releasing a flow of energy into the motor. On another, he was able to slightly heal Tina Bui. (Welcome To Primatech, Villains)

Ethan was also able to generate energy balls. (Villains). These energy balls range from small to large and are capable of causing matter to explode upon contact with them. When his ability was amplified, Ethan was able to release enormous bursts of energy from his entire body, not just his hands. (Escape)

Joshua Lincoln

After duplicating this ability from Ethan, Joshua has shown that he is also able to generate energy balls. He can do this quite easily, as he generated three in a row without stepping from his path. (Roads Ahead)


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