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Jordan begins to see Danko's past.
Held by: Jordan Matthews
Ability to: See the history of any object.
Examples of clairsentience

Clairsentience is the ability to perceive the history of any object the user touches.



Jordan has rapidly and spontaneously manifested this ability as a new byproduct of his base ability. He seems to have no control over this ability and as such when he touched Danko's arm and began to perceive all of his past. It is unknown how far Jordan can look back as his vision took him a maximum of two years into the past. (Imprisoned)

While using this ability Jordan's mind seems to heighten as he was able to fully overcome the effects of the ability nullifying drugs. The power also seems to leave whomever Jordan touches in a sense of daze and mild shock, leaving them momentarily defenceless. (Angola)

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