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Jordan sees Joshua's path.
Held by: Jordan Matthews
Ability to: See the paths (decisions, actions, futures etc.) of anyone he chooses.

Foresight is the ability to see the path that any given person is going to take.



This ability allows Jordan to clearly see the future actions, decisions and "paths" a person will take before they do it. While using this power, Jordan can apparantly feel what the person will feel (as he did when he felt Joshua was scared) and can also retain precise details of what the vision's subject will do. (Special)

While using this ability, Jordan seems as if his mind is completely blank and he normally stares at something that isn't there. (After Apocalypse)

This ability, when properly controlled, can also grant the holder with Clairvoyance and/or Clairsentience, allowing them to locate anyone on the planet by a single thought or see the history of anything they touch. Jordan has shown to be able to use this aspect with great control. (Special, Escape)


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