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Clairvoyance park.jpg
Jordan mentally tracks Joshua to a park.
Held by: Jordan Matthews
Ability to: Locate the precise location of anyone in the world by thought alone.
Examples of clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the ability to locate the precise location of anyone in the world just by thinking of them.



Jordan has shown that he is able to locate someone's precise location by thought alone. While accessing this ability, Jordan had to close his eyes and he received a black and white image of a park. After accessing this power, Jordan seemed to know the exact location of the park despite never having been there before. (Special). Jordan is also able to track people using this ability as he was able to hone in on Tyson's location while searching Pinehearst. (Escape)

Recently Jordan has lost access to this ability due to a large amount of Haitian Pill doses. It is unknown if he has regained his control over this ability after he stoped his intakes.


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