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Burning door handle.jpg
Martha Landett heats up a door handle, melting it in the process.
Held by: Martha Landett (deceased)
Ability to: Rapidly heat up objects

Heating is the ability to rapidly heat up objects using only the body. Objects can be heated to the point of melting.



Not much is known about this ability as it has only had one sole demonstration. In it, Martha was seen holding the door handle with her eyes closed and then the other end of the door handle began to heat up. As it heated it eventually began to melt away into nothing. Although not seen, Martha used this ability many times as Rictor comments on her work as beautiful and still helpful after many years.

It should also be noted that when Martha was shot, everything around her began to heat up uncontrollably. Whether this was by her own will is unknown. (Train 192)

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