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Kendra looks into the future.
Held by: Kendra Grace (deceased)
Ability to: See the future through precognitive visions.

Premonition is the ability to perceive future events through precognitive visions.


  • Kendra Grace was the only known person to possess this ability.


Demonstrating the power only once, Kendra claimed that her ability allowed her to see what other people couldn't. While demonstrating this ability, Kendra's eyes faded white and re-coloured after her ability de-manifested. Kendra claimed that by using this ability she knew that Danko was in danger with Razor and that is why she called him and suggested he return to camp. (Angola)

See Also

  • For the similar ability to perceive the future through dreams, see Precognitive Dreaming.
  • For the similar ability to perceive future decisions and paths of others, see Foresight.

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